6 ways to ensure 0.5% growth everyday

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Like your money compounds in schemes like mutual funds and index funds, the same way your knowledge compounds.

Here I’m not going to talk about people who don’t bother about learning.

Instead, I’ve dedicated this post for people who are serious about their growth in life.

Books are your best friends and knowledge is your armor.

If you’re jealous of people who knew too much about various sectors than you should investigate their past background.

You’ll definitely find that they’re keen learner, they know a lot because they’re interested in learning.

So, how can you achieve pro level knowledge about various sectors and ensure at least 0.5% growth everyday.

1. Start with your interest

What is your interest?

Do you like music, finance or something else?

Whatever that sector is, just start by reading about it in news, magazines, and books.

Nowadays, many free videos are available online that can save a lot of your time.

2. Do the practical

Theoretical is not enough to become the professional of that sector. You have to do the practical.

 For example: let’s say you’re interested in stocks and growing your money. To achieve your goal you have started by reading some books and watching online videos.

Now, you have to do the practical by investing as little as you can, then observe everything that happens your stock.

Watch the daily variation of its price; learn about the cause of such variation.

Slowly you can compare with the competitor of your company (in which you’ve have invested), learn about the annual reports, profit and loss statements, cash flows etc.

In this way, you can learn by doing the practical. In this case, you lost any money it won’t impact your overall life because you’ve invested very little money.

Second, you’ll learn more about the stock market from that loss incurred (if any).

Note: this is not an investment advice. Discuss with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

3. Observation

Observation is a handy tool but not most people use it to their advantage.

Probably, because people nowadays don’t have enough free time.

Observation is a magical tool that can compound your knowledge 2x times faster.

A silent person can see what others can’t. He also learns faster than anyone else does.

What happens when you observe things in solitude?

A silent brain can learn more from its environment, it observe the movement of things, how do various things act in different situation, how and what do people say in various situations etc.

On the top of that, your brain gives you better understanding of your inner self, which is more than extraordinary.

You can start by observing the movement of plants you have grown in your front yard.  You can observe the design pattern of its leaves, the design pattern of stem, what happens when the wind blew.

Once you’re addicted to observation you can experience the power of silence in your life.

4. What is trending?

Whatever is trending in the market don’t follow it blindly, most of the posts that you read on social media are fake and irrelevant.

The creators of such posts are intentionally doing it just for the sake of money. When something is free, it costs your valuable time.

Make sure you spend your time reading valuable posts such as this one but don’t blindly follow everything written here, read everything but make decisions according to your needs.

5. Addiction is a friend and foe

Addiction to social media and online games are foe but addiction to growth related content is your friend.

When you spend most of your time reading books and growth magazines, you get the advantage of compound knowledge.

Over a period, your knowledge will compound. The one page you have read today and another the next day, will extend your brains learning boundaries and will push you into the learning zone.

After you get into the learning zone, it becomes easy for you to learn anything faster, because you will have been enjoying learning.

6. Rome was not build in day

If someone is earning in six figures today he may have started his journey probably 5 to 6 years ago.

Not to be shocked here, as the saying goes Rome was not build in a day.

The most trending things around the world are the videos and content that tells you how easy it is to earn six-figure income. Or “Just invest $100 and earn $200,000 per month

Even some videos tell you that you can become a millionaire in a year by putting less to no effort. Man! How it’s possible?

Overall intention of sharing such example is to make you aware of the real facts.

If you’ve started something today for the first time, don’t expect to get success in just one year. You have to spend at least 5 to 6 years to become successful at it.

The instant gratification has take control over mind.

Some people think that earning millions after 6 years is huge time span, but getting a small paycheck even at the age of 60 years is good for them.

So, unlearn everything you’ve learned about success from social media.

Whatever the new tech comes into the market, the formula for success is still old.

You have to work consistently for years without losing your enthusiasm, before you can become successful”


Your growth is in your hands. Where you spend your time today will decide your future.

Every artificial object can be restored and replaced but time and your age cannot reversed and replaced.

So, make sure you spend your time on things that are worth it or that will benefit you in the future.

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