The boat and the sailor

the boat and the sailor

Looking for a good story in English. Here’s a story of a sailor and his crew members. You will find this short story interesting. Good story in English.

Good story in English

Mew was a big island. It was famous for trading high-quality products. The merchants were kind and humble.

They hardly had the feeling to cheat their customers. They had faith in good work because they think, “What goes around comes back.”

One such merchant was Muko. He was famous and popular. People always prefer to buy goods from him.

 His business was growing day by day. However, his situation was not always the same. A time was there when he had no money to buy food.

His massive actions had changed his life. This reason made people love him. He was not just famous and popular but humble and kind as well.

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He always helps poor people by donating a large amount of his income. However, he wasn’t arrogant. He was a pure hearted person.

He sold high-quality goods to his customers. People praise the quality of his products. However, they were unaware of the risk he took every week to bring those quality products to them.

He brings high-quality products from a distant island. That island had a well-established network of factories. The availability of raw materials had made it valuable.

His shop’s goods were about to finish and he decided to sail to the factory island.

He called up his members and said, “My friends, the goods are about to finish. Please get the ship ready for the sail.”

The members shouted together, “Yes, captain!”

It was a two-day journey. The members took 5 hours to get the ship ready. They had laden the food, water, and other materials.

Muko prefer to sail during the daytime. However, the ship wasn’t ready at that time. Therefore, he decided to sail at night.

good story in english

[The sun hides in the mountains]

 Merchant Muko was now Captain Muko. His members were ready to go with him. Captain Muko shouted, “Let’s begin the sail.”

Within a few hours, they had traveled the distance of 20 miles. It was midnight. Some members were resting and others were keeping an eye on the surrounding.

They had entered a dangerous place. Pirate’s story was famous for that area. However, during his previous journeys, Muko and his members had never faced any pirate attack.

They believe that it was a fake story. The crewmembers were loosening up and Muko went inside his cabin to sleep.

However, this time something was different. The ocean was silent. Suddenly, everyone heard an explosion sound.

It wakes up all the members. Captain Muko came out of the cabin as well. They were surprised to see four pirate ships behind them.

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They had weapons and cannons. Muko and his team members were afraid to see them. Muko’s team had no weapons.

However, they were brave. None of them moved from the place. The pirates climbed up on the ship and attacked.

Muko’s team members tried to fight empty hands. They tried hard to protect the captain. However, they failed to do so. The pirates caught him.

Silence spread everywhere. The pirate’s captain came to their ship and said, “You all fight like a warrior. Nevertheless, you’re not powerful than us. We are the king of this ocean. It’s impossible to defeat us.”

He further said, “Now get ready to die.” He pulls out his sword. Suddenly, one of the Muko’s crewmembers said, “Please leave our captain. You can take my life. Please let him go.”

Tears were rolling down of the member’s eyes. Pirate’s captain said, “Okay! I have no problem.” He went near the member and attacked with the sword. Muko shouted, “Nooooooo…”

Tears roll down his eyes. After some time, he feels that someone was shaking his body.

good story in english

He opened his eyes and found himself inside the cabin. It was morning. His crewmembers were surrounding him.

They asked, “What had happened Captain!” Muko said, “Nothing my friends. Did we reach our destination?”

The members shouted together, “Yes Captain!”

Muko then realised that it was a nightmare and there were no pirates. 

He further asked, “How did we reach here in one night. I think it takes two days.”

One member said, “Captain we haven’t slept last night and found a short way to reach here. We have saved much time for your business. After all, we are here for your help.”

Tears roll down of the Muko’s eyes. He hugged all his team members and said, “Thank you so much for being with me. You are not the crewmembers. You all are my family members.”

After that, Muko and his members loaded the product and went back to their island to continue their peaceful life.

End of the short good story.

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