The golden book of treasure

good moral story

The golden book of treasure is a good moral story. It’s the story of a boy who was very poor. However. he was honest. Read further and explore more of it.

Good moral story begins:

He was poor. In a village, He used to live with his parents. He was a 10 year old boy. His name was James. His village was near a dense forest.

One evening he was playing hide and seek with his friends. To hide, He went in the dense forest. Soon, the sun hides behind the mountains.

It was night and James wasn’t able to find the way back to his home. There were giant trees and he immediately climbed one of them. He suddenly saw a glow which was coming from the bushes.

He came down from the tree and went to inspect the glow. When he reached there, he found a Golden Book. When he opened the book, he found a lot of maps which were indicating places of buried treasure.

The Golden book belonged to the king of that state. The boy was not greedy. In the morning, instead of going home, James went to the palace where he returned the book to the king.

The king was very happy with the boy. He rewarded the boy with Millions of golden coins. The king’s officers escorted the boy back to his home. From there on the boy and his parents started living happily.

Moral of the story

Man is respected for his knowledge and good qualities, not by wealth and power. Be Greedy in improving your qualities, other things will automatically come to you.

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