It is effortless to say, than to accomplish.

It is effortless to say, than to accomplish. 1

The school was about to have a winter vacation. Ulysses was very happy. He had many friends. However, Ulysses was so talkative.

Mostly, he talks irrelevant things. The Science teacher had given group project to whole class.

Students have made their own groups. However, when someone asked Ulysses to join them. He denied and said, “I don’t need anyone. It’s an easy project and I can do it alone. You guys need groups. Ha…Ha…ha…”

[Few hours passed. The school bell rang] 

The entire students run in joy. Their holiday was start.  Ulysses went home. He throws his bag in the corner. He didn’t change his uniform and switched the TV on.

His mom cried, “Ulysses, put bag at the right place and change your uniform.”

Ulysses got up he put his bag in the right place, and changed his uniform. At night, Ulysses sat on the dining table with his parents. His mom asked, “Son, Do you have received any project from school?”

Ulysses said, “Yes, Mom I have got only one project in science.”

His mom said, “Okay, then you has to complete it on time.”

Ulysses said, “Don’t worry mom. I’ll complete it on time. I know how and what to do? Relax.”

[5 days passed]

It was 12:00 AM. Ulysses was sleeping. His mom knocked the door. He didn’t woke up and his mom cried, “Ulysses wake up! It’s too. What are you doing?”

Ulysses woke up and got fresh. He went downstairs to have his breakfast. His Dad had gone to office and his mom was working.

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Ulysses sat on the dining table. His mom was very angry. However, she served breakfast to him and sat on the nearby chair. She asked him about his project.

Ulysses said, “Don’t worry. I’ll complete it on time. I know it’s very easy. I can handle it alone.” His mom said, “I don’t think so.”

[Few more days passed]

The telephone rang. Ulysses ran to pick it up. He heard a voice, “Hey, Ulysses. How are you?” Ulysses said, “Hey, I’m good. What about you?”

His friend, “I’m good. Do you have completed your project? If not, then join us. We have only few things left. We’ll complete it in two more days.”

Ulysses said, “Oh come on I don’t want to join your group. It’s an easy task. Moreover, I can do it alone. Bye.”

Ulysses put the phone down. He went in the hall and switched the TV on.

[Gradually, the holiday got over]

Ulysses had forgotten about his project. The next day, Ulysses wake up and got ready for the school.

When he reached school, he heard that everybody was talking about the project. Ulysses got afraid. He hadn’t completed his project.

When teacher asked for his project he said, “I haven’t completed my project. I’m sorry.”

The teacher didn’t say a single word. She gave zero marks to Ulysses. Ulysses was feeling ashamed of himself.

 It is effortless to say, then to accomplish. Do your work on time. Never show yourself as superior because superior people never talk they prove their superiority. You have to be the same.

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