101 General life rules you should follow

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There are no specific rules of life. And your life’s rule might differ from mine. However, in this post I have shared 101 general life rules you can follow right away.

  1. Never compare yourself with anyone.
  2. Life is too short to think negative.
  3. Keep the laser-like focus on your goals.
  4. Have 1 or 2 true friends.
  5. Quality networking is mandatory.
  6. Earn a lot of money in life.
  7. Give at least one try to achieve your dreams.
  8. Nobody is you.
  9. You don’t need to follow the crowd.
  10.  It’s okay to be alone.
  11.  Read self-improvement books every day.
  12. Invest in the stock market, at least in index funds.
  13. Keep yourself motivated.
  14. Once you achieve your goals, plan a new one.
  15. It’s never too late to start something new.
  16. Make your parents proud.
  17. Nothing is going to be easy in your life.
  18. Consistency can beat talent.
  19. Create multiple sources of income.
  20. Never run for material things.
  21. It’s not your job to make others happy (if they don’t care).
  22. Never chase people in your life.
  23. No one can steal your happiness as long as you won’t allow them to.
  24. You’re unique, handsome/beautiful, smart, and intelligent.
  25. Keep smiling.
  26. Have a positive attitude.
  27. Write affirmations and positive thoughts every day.
  28. Never spend your time overthinking.
  29. Take action every day because time waits for no one.
  30. It’s easy to destroy but hard to build.
  31. Life tests you before giving the reward.
  32. Life will throw challenges. It’s doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor.
  33. Your parents are God. Keep them happy.
  34. No matter how much good you do, some people will always criticize you.
  35. Don’t try to prove yourself to others.
  36. Nobody’s going to stand for you. You have to walk alone.
  37. Hard times build courage and make you strong.
  38. You and only you can change your life.
  39. Attachment kills.
  40. Love your goals.
  41. Never fall in bad relationships.
  42. Creative ideas generate when you are alone.
  43. Never cry for being unsuccessful. Accept it and work hard to change your status.
  44. No pressure, no diamond.
  45. Never touch someone’s child without his or her parent’s permission.
  46. Master at least one skill.
  47. Ignorance is the best response.
  48. Don’t talk too much, practice silence.
  49. Your time is the most important thing.
  50. Never afraid of what others are planning.
  51. Accept constructive criticism.
  52. Negativity is a feeling throw it into the dustbin.
  53. Never afraid to fail.
  54. Don’t be lazy.
  55. Yeah, face matters but your qualities can definitely suppress it. Focus ahead on improving your skills.
  56. Never criticize your parents for giving you fewer facilities because they do their best to serve you.
  57. To serve poor people you need to earn money.
  58. Awaken the giant within you and you will see nothing is impossible.
  59. Don’t let anything destroy your inner peace.
  60. Don’t overuse your gadgets.
  61. Get rid of procrastination as soon as possible.
  62. When it feels like giving up just look at the faces of your parents.
  63. Only parents help in worse situations.
  64. Donate money, clothes, or food to needy people.
  65. Expect more from you and less from others. (I’ve read it somewhere)
  66. The harder you will train, the sweeter reward you get.
  67. You have to work hard in silence.
  68. Never cheat people who trust you.
  69. Never trust anyone blindly.
  70. Don’t say any negative words about yourself.
  71. People may or may not like you, but you have to like yourself.
  72. Make your life worth living.
  73. Lack of resources is the biggest motivation.
  74. Most people give respect as per the materials you possess. Never be afraid of that.
  75. Do well and you will get better.
  76. You just need to feel the power.
  77. Never work to get appreciation.
  78. Never break your own rules for others.
  79. Be consistent in what you wanted to do.
  80. Have patience some things just take time.
  81. You can’t lie to your soul.
  82. Sleep well at night.
  83. Rest is an essential part of life.
  84. It’s essential to enjoy your life.
  85. Work productively.
  86. It takes time for success and being rich; don’t fall into the trap of quick-schemes.
  87. Consistent hard work is difficult but you have to do it.
  88. If your goals are big-enough you have to go through a lot of mental and emotional pain.
  89. Life becomes easy with friends.
  90. You’re not alone doing the struggle.
  91. Your life is worthy and you can do anything in your life.
  92. Don’t let negativity enter your mind.
  93. You are a strong person just walk through your soul and you will found it.
  94. Never tell your secrets to anyone.
  95. Not failure but emotional pain pulls your leg.
  96. No good work done by you is worthless.
  97. Just theoretical knowledge is not enough.
  98.  Struggle makes you stronger, never be afraid of it.
  99. Emotional strength is more powerful than physical strength.
  100. You are unique. Thus, never compare yourself with others.
  101. Everyone has a different policy. Frame yours and follow it.

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