Freelancers: How they are helpful for growing your business or startup?

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Just two decades before not many people were aware of the term “Freelancers” but today freelancing industry is worth around $1.2 trillion (in U.S.) .

That’s a huge amount.

Freelancers are very helpful for well-established businesses and especially for startups.

Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are the skilled people who work on per project basis and most of them work remotely.

Freelancers are very helpful from the following point of view:

Cost effective

Freelancers are cost effective and you don’t have to pay them regular salary and other benefits that is paid to an employee.

The plus point here is that freelancers are skilled people who complete their work on time.

Since, they are paid on hourly basis or per project basis; thus, they aim to complete every project fast and effectively so that they can pick up next project and earn more.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The businesses get their work done fast with reduced cost and freelancers can earn more by picking up more projects.

Good quality and satisfactory work

A freelancer always aims to provide good quality work before deadline.

They never compromise with the quality of work because that’s what they are known for.

After work support

If the work delivered by a freelancer is not satisfactory or you need some more improvement, you’re free to ask them.

They will be happy to improve your project. Some may charge additional amount from you (if the work is more).

The best part is that if you need some information, of course freelancers will help you (at no cost hehe).

What kind of work can be given to freelancers?

A lot of work from web development and app development to copywriting can be given to the freelancers.

Here’s the category of work you can get done by a freelancer:

  1. Graphics and design
  2. Video and animation
  3. Writing and translation
  4. Music and audio editing
  5. Programming and tech
  6. Etc.

Would you like to hire me?

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Freelancers are suitable for many kind of work at economical price. They provide best quality work before deadline.

If you’re a well-funded startup you can hire few employees and give other works to freelancers.

If you’re a well-established business you can opt for full time employee.

Thank you for giving your valuable time.


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