6 ways to find fake friends

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fake friends

 We are social beings and love to surround ourselves with people to whom we can chat and share everything that we want to.

Thus, we make many friends. Friends are very important in one’s life because we can share almost everything with them. We spend a good time with friends. However, not every friend is a real friend.

Most of the friends around you may behave like the best or a good friend but the reality may be different. Here I have discussed 6 ways to spot fake friends and stay away from them.

Fake friends always talk bad behind you

fake friends vs real friends

Fake friends love to talk bad behind you. I think it’s their passion (lol). Fake people didn’t care for anyone because they don’t have any emotion attached to others.

Thus, they never feel awkward while using hate speech for others. The way people talk about others tells a lot about their nature. It’s a way to found if your friends talk bad behind you or not.

Such people may be a headache for you. It’s necessary to leave them. I know its hard to leave people on whom you trust a lot. However, my friend, they are not yours.

They are like garbage and you should throw them away in the dustbin. Get rid of fake friends as soon as possible or they will spoil your life.

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Bogus friends show themselves as real friends

Bogus or fake friends are good at acting. They show that they care for you. However, the truth is that they care only for themselves.

Such people will talk nicely when you are around them. They will act as if you mean a lot to their life. The world is very big and no doubt, you’ll find many people who create traps for others and act as if they are helping.

Fake friends will try to prove that they are real. However, I think real friends don’t need to prove it. When the relationship between two people is strong then it can be felt by the heart.

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None of them is required to prove how much they care for each other. Our brain and mind are designed in such a way that it feels uncomfortable when there’s something wrong.

Fake friends will discourage you

fake friends vs real friends

Bogus friends will feel jealous of your good work. They’ll never leave a chance to discourage you. How can you spot bogus or fake friends? It’s simple to spot them.

See, when you’ll come up with a great idea, your phony friends will find any mistake in your idea. They’ll try every possible trick to discourage you.

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The most common thing they’ll say is “You can’t do it, it’s very hard. Drop this idea.” By saying these words, they’ll feel very happy and if you’ll agree with them it will double their happiness.

A real friend, on the other hand, will give you a genuine reason for what’s wrong with your plan. Also, he will get involved with you sort out the problem.

You can try out this method to find if your friends are fake or real.

How to learn any skill faster than your rival?

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How to learn any skill faster than your rival? 1

How to learn any skill faster? These 10 tips will help you learn your favorite skill faster – beating your rival.

1.     Set big goals in your life

Setting big goals is not all about your personal goals.

You have to set selfless goals for the people of your country, a target that can influence a larger number of people.

When you live for others, when you want to achieve something bigger than your personal goals, you learn every skill faster, which you need to achieve your goal.

#AD: Learn, Improve, Master: How to Develop Any Skill and Excel at It

2.     Stay focused

How to learn any skill faster than your rival? 2

You have to block all distractions that cause hurdles in your way of learning.

The biggest distractions are smartphones and people. It’s your responsibility not to check your smartphone unnecessarily.

It’s your responsibility to keep people away when it’s learning time.

When you learn skills in a peaceful environment, you understand things better and learn them faster.

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3.     Strengthen your will power

How to learn any skill faster than your rival? 3

Your willpower is the ultimate solution to increase your learning speed. Learning a new skill in less time so you can compete with your rival requires mental efforts.

So, you have to prepare your mind to take everything easy and important.

You can increase your will power in the following way:

  • Set daily goals
  • And complete them without excuses.

Your willpower will become strong than it was before.

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4.     Teach it to others

Teaching is the best way to learn any skill faster. You have to teach your newly learned skill to someone who cares about you.

In this way, you can improve your skill more.

 #AD: Effortless Journaling: How to Start a Journal, Make It a Habit, and Find Endless Writing Topics (Develop Good Habits)

5.     Start the practice

Practice makes a man perfect.

Start the practice as soon as you start learning the basics. It will help you understand how this skill works in the real world.

In short, you have to practically test them theory is not going to help all the way.

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6.     Make your learning fun.

How to learn any skill faster than your rival? 4

The first rule is to learn the thing that interests you.

The second is to make things interesting that you learn.

Learning is always fun. You can play soft music in low volume while learning.

You can use Fragrances in your study room that will help you concentrate better.

7.     Use combinations

Don’t just read books. Watch the video related to your topics. Try them practically because I think you don’t have enough time.

It’s always better to use different combinations to make your learning easy and faster.

Many online courses are available on the internet. If you can’t afford them, switch to YouTube, you’ll get much free content that can teach you almost everything.

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8.     Hire a tutor

It’s always better to hire a tutor who can teach you everything related to your niche.

Learning alone seems to burden most of the time. A tutor is necessary to keep you on the right path, and you can clear all your doubts immediately.

Learning everything of your own requires both will power and discipline unless you have bigger goals.

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9.     Discipline

learn any skill faster

Discipline is the key to mastery.

You can achieve any goal in life with discipline – no one can stop you.

Your lesson of discipline starts from the mind. You have to train your mind to make it stable and follow your orders.

That’s a hard part, yet you can do that with the help of meditation. Meditation has no rule; you can do it anytime, anywhere.

#AD:  Self Improvement For Career: 7 Amazing Strategies to Improve Your Career and Earn More


Discipline is the key to mastery consistency is the key to success.

You have to be consistent in what you learn because your consistency will lead to success and beating your rivals.

Develop a habit of everyday learning so that you won’t need to push yourself every day.

Yet, developing a habit of learning is the hard part, and you have to put in some mental efforts every day for 21 days.

Why 21 days? This article has the answer.

Bonus: Relax, it takes time

Don’t worry about your rivals, worry about you and worry about the people you’re living for.

You have to become better each day than yesterday.

Don’t worry about time learning a new skill takes time, but if you’re dedicated and consistent, you can make it faster. Everything is in your hands.

How to become confident in life?

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How to become confident in life? 5

This post will help you become confident in your life because I have shared 10 best tips to become a confident person in life.

1.     Self-talk in the mirror

Self-talking can help you to become confident in your life. Morning is the best self-talking time that can boost your confidence.

What you have to talk to yourself?

First, you have to stand straight.

Second, observe your body and look into your eyes.

Then, tell yourself how good you are, how you help people, and how you’re creating a better life for yourself.

Say “thank you” to you while looking in the mirror – it will triple your confidence level.

Make this process a part of your daily routine, and within a month, you can notice the change.

#ad: Confident Leader!: Become One, Stay One

2.     Study confident people

You have to learn everything about confident people.

How do they behave, how do they talk, and what is their morning routine.

You can easily search for them on the internet and learn much more.

I would suggest you search for the experts in your niche and learn from them. They can help you boost your confidence.

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3.     Become an expert in your niche

You have to aim to become an expert in your niche because there must be one thing that should make you different from the rest.

Comparison is the main reason for feeling low and less confident because we think that we’re not worthy.

So, it’s better that you invest your time to become an expert in your niche (so-called “worthy” in your language)

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4.     Praise who you are

how to become confident

The two biggest mistakes we make in life

  • Comparing ourselves with others
  • Praising others but not ourselves

You have to spend time alone with you so that you can praise your qualities, your goodness, and your uniqueness.

You can praise yourself in the mirror, I have told in the first point.

Praising self has no side effect as long as you don’t bother praising who you are, not in reality.

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5.     Clean your mind to become confident

How to become confident in life? 6

Your mind is like a barn where you store your thoughts. Your thoughts may be pessimistic, optimistic, or a combination of both. 

 The first step is to clean your mind from negative beliefs you have adopted after listening to what people say about you.

You feel low due to negative thoughts society has fed you. You have to clean the junk inside your mind.

How to do that?

  • Spend time with your family every day.
  • Be happy in every situation.
  • Laugh as much as you can
  • Teach your brain to ignore every negative thought
  • Avoid every negative talk

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6.     Don’t compare yourself

Don’t compare yourself to others. That’s when you start to lose confidence in you.

Will smith

You have a different life and different goals, what’s the point of comparison?

Never compare yourself with others because it will steal your happiness and kick you into the darkness of depression.

Be yourself and praise who you are in reality because I don’t think there’s even one person the same as you.

#ad: The power of discipline: How to use self control and mental toughness to achieve your goals

7.     Believe in yourself

How to become confident in life? 7

I know its difficult. So, what?

Just listen to me.

Your brain controls every activity in your body, so start believing your mind that it can make you confident.

When you believe in things that you can see, your beliefs become stronger. If you can’t believe in you, believe in your brain.

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8.     Surround yourself with confident people

Search confident people around you and tie the friendship band. LOL.

Make friends who are confident and encourage others because they can become the turning point of your life.

When you spend time with confident people, you adopt their habits and style. 

You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Jim Rohn

9.     Dress well

It’s doesn’t mean that you purchase expensive and fashionable clothes for you and wear them.

It means that you have to wear neat and clean clothes so that you can feel complete and confident.

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10.Praise your skills

What makes you a different person?

Create a list of all your skills and read them every morning and evening. It will help you feel good about you, and it will attract happiness in your life.

Happy people are confident people, you must admit it.

Don’t worry if you have no skills. Observe what makes you happy and do it.

How to remain successful in long term life?

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How to remain successful in long term life? 8

Success doesn’t happen in a day. A person needs to work every waking hour. Here are 11 tips that will help you remain successful in long-term life.

1.     Keep your ego aside

Keep your ego aside and behave humbly with everyone you met. Successful people have 0% ego in them, which makes them loving and kind in other’s eyes.

Overthinking is the biggest reason for increased ego in you. Your overthinking habit feeds your ego.

Nobody likes an egoistic person no wonder you won’t remain successful in long-term life.

#ad: Get out of your head: Stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts

2.     Don’t follow the trend.

how to remain successful

Don’t blindly follow the trend. Trending things come and go in a while.

Trending things doesn’t help people in any way it doesn’t solve any big problem its made for entertainment, which earns businesses big profits in the short-term.

You have a brain you have to use it to think about creating your trend, a trend, which remains successful in the long-term and helps a large number of people in society.

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3.     Learn the basics

When you start learning a new skill, always start from scratch because it will strengthen your basic knowledge.

Your foundation of basic knowledge must be strong so that you can upgrade it further.

4.     Learn new skills

How to remain successful in long term life? 9

We’re living in a highly dynamic environment nobody knows when new technology such as Artificial Intelligence replaces your current job.

It’s better to keep learning new skills and upgrading your existing ones. The time is not so far when robots will replace most of the jobs.

The only person with a variety of skills can survive in the coming era. Keep learning.

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5.     Do experiments

The beginner is the best level in life because it encourages us to learn and experiment with new things every day.

We as a starter think that we have less knowledge; we’re not experts so, we practice consistently. 

Whether you’re successful, expert, or whatever you are, always be curious to learn and explore new things in life.

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6.     Create a system for working

How to remain successful in long term life? 10

An efficiently designed system works better in the long-term and makes it easy for people to work together.

No entrepreneur bothers about creating a system in the beginning because most of them start alone.

But at some point, you’ll feel the need to hire others to help you grow your business, and those people can work well when you have created a system for them.

So, spend some time planning on how everything will work in your business. In short, create an efficient system.

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7.     Add real values

You have to add real values to people’s life. You have to search for the big problems people facing around you and find a solution to help them.

Don’t go for the entertainment.

Although people love entrainment related products, that’s secondary for them. Their primary goal is to manage their life better.

So, create something that can add real values in their life.

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8.     Create a monopoly

You have to search for things that are not yet invented by anyone.

Creating a monopoly in business can give you long-term success.

I know there’s much competition out there but, you can observe what still left for you.

#ad: 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

9.     Become an expert in your niche

How to remain successful in long term life? 11

Learning basics will not help you remain successful in life. You have to aim to become an expert in your niche so that no AI (Artificial Intelligence) can replace you in the future.

The demand for experts has increased in the past few years.

People trust experts more than they do trust beginners.

You can also charge more money for your expert services. You may have to invest your time and a little bit of money to gain expertise in your niche.

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10.Build a great team

How to remain successful in long term life? 12

A great team together can achieve more goals.

You have to aim to create a team of expert people who can work together to grow your business.

Don’t hire many people search for the experts’ ones.

If you can’t afford to pay a salary to your experts, you should consider hiring people who are willing to learn everything and grow with you.

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11.Read books

Never stop learning in your life. You have to spare half an hour every day to read books.

You can learn many things from them that can help you improve your life, increase your productivity, grow your business, and live a better life;

#ad: How successful think: Change your thinking, change your life

Even you can become an expert by reading books. You have to practice everything written in them.

How to stop procrastinating and finish your important work?

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How to stop procrastinating and finish your important work? 13

Procrastination is a serious problem but, you can easily stop procrastinating with the following 12 best tips and finish your important work.

1.     Use your will power

You have to make your willpower stronger to tackle procrastination.

Take a piece of paper and write in bold letters “Things I shouldn’t do” and list all the items you shouldn’t do.

Now stick it to your room’s wall and read it every day.

This practice will rewire your mind and, you’ll notice a significant increase in your willpower.

2.     Think about the work

Think about the work for 2 minutes before you start doing it.

Your mind will make you ready to take action, which can reduce the chance of procrastination.

3.     Don’t lose control over your mind.

Your mind is the powerhouse I have already told in my previous posts. You don’t have to lose control over it.

Do remember, your life is in your hands and, you can make it the way you want. So, take control of your hands and start your work.

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4.     Use the 5-second rule.

Before you start your work, count from 5 to 1 and jump to working at once before another thought tells you, “Why you shouldn’t do that work?”

The Author Mel Robin has shared this rule in her book “The 5 Second Rule.”

5.     Be grateful for what you have.

how to stop procrastinating

Practice gratitude every day and write affirmations in your journal every day.

It will keep you motivated, filled with energy that you can use to stop procrastinating habit and finish your important goals.

Your list of affirmations may include the following:

  • My brain is smart that helps in the worst situation; it also helps – me to learn new things faster.
  • I’m an active man person who finishes his/her work before the deadline.
  • I’m a positive person.
  • I control my life, and I chose what happens to me.

You can add more to it. Read aloud every sentence after you finish writing your affirmations.

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6.     Don’t overthink.

Don’t overthink anything because it will cause nothing but stress. Jump directly at your workplace and start doing your work without giving a second thought to it.

7.     Plan your next day in advance

Create a list of things you have to finish tomorrow and read them aloud before you sleep at night.

This step will set goals in your mind and will stop your procrastination habit.

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8.     Use the Pomodoro technique.

how to stop procrastinating

Download a timer app and set a timer for 25 minutes, and start doing your important work.

After the 25 minutes, take rest for 5 minutes, and then restart the timer for 25 minutes and work.

Repeat this cycle until you finish your important work.

This technique will help you achieve your goals in less time; it will also help you stop your procrastination habits soon.

Learn more: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique

9.     Be accountable to someone.

You have to be accountable to someone he/she may be your best friend or any other relative.

What does being accountable to someone mean?

Being accountable to someone means you have to report to someone about your goals, the progress you made daily.

The step will help you finish your important work without even further delay.

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10.Set deadline for every work

You have to set a deadline for each work you do.

In this way, you can bind yourself in the time, and your mind will focus on your work to get it done before the deadline.

11.Create a schedule and clearly define your goals

How to stop procrastinating and finish your important work? 14

Creating a schedule is very important as it helps you to track your work with ease.

You have to create a schedule, which is not too hard to follow.

In your schedule, you have to write your goals clearly, so that you won’t get confused later.

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12.Think what great things you have achieved

You can think about what great things you have achieved in your life.

 It will act as a motivation that will help you stop procrastination and finish your important work.

Author David Goggins in his book “Can’t hurt me: Master your mind and defy the odds.” call the Jar of your cookies.

How to think out of the box to become creative?

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How to think out of the box to become creative? 15

How to think out of the box? We have 20 best tips that will help you to think out of the box, innovate, and lead a better and happy life.

1.     Read a lot of books

Reading is a great habit you can develop.

To think out of the box and make your ideas innovative, you have to read many books.

What books to read?

You have to read books written on innovations.
Here’s a list of a few books:

2.     Learn from the mentors

Join some classes where you can learn from the actual people who have worked in the sector of innovation.

They will teach you everything that you need to think out of the box.

3.     Think of alternatives

How to think out of the box to become creative? 16

Pick one problem and think about its alternative solutions.

Search alternative methods that are efficient and easily accessible to the majority of people.

Your alternative ideas to solve a given problem should be time and money-saving. In short, you have to search for the methods that could cut the cost of it and help people solve their problems.

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4.     Explore the world

How to think out of the box to become creative? 17

The world is full of inspiration, and you have to step out to see the world.

Most of the great artists, inventors, and writers get inspiration from nature.

They step out to explore different places, forests, mountains, and valley.

If you can’t spend money on a far travel destination, step out of your house and explore what is happening around you.

You’ll get inspiration from there.

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5.     Learn how things work

Learn how different things work.

You can learn the working principles:

  • A magnetic bell
  • How does the train’s engine work?
  • Why do airplanes fly?
  • How does the engine of cars are made in the factory?

You can learn anything that attracts you.

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6.     Empty your mind.

Throw away every thought that stress your mind and keep it empty for new ideas.

Fill that space with the subject of your interest.

Don’t let any other thing enter in it because that will drain your useful thoughts. You can keep your mind empty by writing your ideas on a piece of paper or in your journal.

7.     Spend time alone.

How to think out of the box to become creative? 18

The greatest inventors of all time spend most of their time alone in their rooms.

They say that most of the ideas had struck their mind when they were alone.

To think out of the box, you have to get inside a peaceful room and hang a do not disturb boardoutside so that no one can disturb you.

Take a pencil and paper and write down every thought that came to your mind.

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8.     Use trial and error method

Do some experiments to check whether a particular thing works in some other ways or not.

In the trial and error method, one needs to try different combinations and different possibilities to find new solutions.

Every invention has gone through this process.

9.     Stay away from aimless and pessimistic people.

how to think out of the box

You have to make sure you won’t fall into a bad relationship because it could damage your career and future.

Disconnect yourself from people who have no goals, no aim.

Your minds need to be litter (negative thoughts) free to think out of the box and create new things.

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10.Join a group of smart people

When we combine new ideas, new things are born.

Join a group of smart people because they’ll share their knowledge that could help you innovate new things.

Phony friends are selfish

There’s no doubt that fake friends are selfish. They will get in touch with you only when they’ll need you. They are busy in their own life.

They’ll show themselves as helpless but after receiving help they never look back at you. It’s good to help others but not to the wrong people.

I know it’s frustrating when you came to know that people around you are selfish. Moreover, selfish people will never help you in bad times. They never wanted to share their things with anyone.

They are the taker, not the giver. Staying away from selfish people is a good idea. Such people and friends often cause stress and frustration that are not good for both mental and physical health.

Recommended Book: Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

Fake friends will never support you

Real friends are very different from fake and phony friends. They will support you in every situation. They are the true guys who know the meaning of support.

A real friend mostly tries to sort out the problems together. They understand your feelings because of the emotions attached to them. They care for relationships.

On the other hand, bogus friends will act like real friends. However, they’ll never support you. Our brain takes rejections as physical pain.

So, just think about how you’ll feel when you’ll get no support from your friends. I know it’s painful. Thus, it’s necessary to choose your friends wisely.

Before you trust, observe and check if you’re dealing with a good guy or a bad guy.

Bogus friends will feel jealous of you

bogus friends

Jealousy is a disease that ruins relationships. People feel jealous of other’s success, money, talent, etc. However, they forget everything about their relationships.

In good relationship friends and people accepts each other’s strength and drawbacks.

In addition, if they got any confusion with each other they talk on that issue to sort it out as soon as possible because none of them wants to ruin their relationships.

Whereas fake friends didn’t care about relationships they just know how to use people for own benefits.

I don’t think you should mind such small things in your life. Remember this, most people feel jealous because they know that you are better than they are.


Changes are taking place rapidly. People are becoming more and more materialistic. They care for no one. Materials are attracting them like a magnet.

Every relationship is being formed for some purpose. As soon as the purpose is completed, the relationships are broken forever.

Nowadays very few people are left with emotions and feelings. Most people have become selfish. They have eyes left for self-welfare. My friend, you are reading this post and I know you are not like 80% of the world’s population.

You have learned a lot about fake friends. Therefore, never cheat with your friends. Good and real friends are important in life. Be a real and good friend so that no one calls you a fake or bogus friend.

In the end, I would just say that you always choose your friends wisely and stay away from fake and negative friends.


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