The Judas friend

Once upon a time, there was an emperor. He ruled over a vast kingdom. The king was very kind and joyful. He had many friends.

They loved him very much. The emperor had respect for his all friends. He had a friend who wasn’t loyal to the emperor. He shows himself as his friend. His name was Nuclear.

He praises the emperor in front of others, but always plans to hurt him. He had tried to hurt the emperor many times, but never succeed.

The emperor had recently won a battle. He had announced a great celebration in the kingdom.

He had sent an invitation to many people of his kingdom. Even to the poor people. The emperor was going to address his people and his soldiers. There was a show of an archer, who could hit the target with closed eyes.

Nuclear got a chance to hurt the emperor. The celebration was in the evening. Nuclear found the address of that archer and went to his home.

He gave him many Golden coins and regimented him to hit the hanging pot when the king will stand below it.

At the evening, the Guests arrived and the celebration started. Everyone was waiting for the emperor. Soon, the emperor arrived. He started his speech. When he finished, he called the archer to present his talent.

Nevertheless, the king didn’t come under the hanging pot. The archer’s eyes were covered with a piece of cloth. He did the same as told by Nuclear. Nuclear was watching this from a little distance.

He suddenly thought that if the emperor will not stand under the hanging pot his plan will fail. As a result, he ran towards the emperor to take him under the hanging pot.

As he ran towards him, the archer, on the other hand, hit the hanging pot and it was about to fall on the Nuclear.

Suddenly the emperor pushed nuclear and the hanging pot falls on him. His bones crushed and he cried with pain. Tears rolled down of Nuclear’s eyes.

He went close to the king and said, “My friend, It was my plan to kill you. However, you have saved my life. I’m ready for every punishment.”

The king smiled and said, “It’s alright. You did what seems good to you. However, you should remember one thing that those who try to harm others, get the same pain in return. The only difference is that they receive the twice of it.”

The King continued….

“My friend, you’re free to go. However, remember to help and support others not to harm them.”

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