16 evergreen life lessons you must learn today

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Life lessons learned from our own experience is far away better than just reading them on some random posts like this one. Here are the 16 evergreen life lessons for you.

1.     Don’t trust easily

Did you get it? It’s no math question.

You don’t have to trust people easily because not everybody deserves it.

You must be careful while choosing whom you can trust and share a space in your life because most so-called good people are waiting for an opportunity to hurt you as badly as they can.

One simple rule can help you identify trustworthy people – you have to watch out whether their actions match their words or not. It’s simple as that.

2.     Don’t make everyone your friend.

evergreen life lessons

You don’t need to make everybody your friend because they have helped you once, or they have talked nicely with you, or they crack jokes.

The reality is you got only 1 or 2 real friends in your life, and the rest are selfish junks.

Having many friends will do nothing but will eat your precious time. You’ll have no time to spend alone with you because your friends will keep calling and chatting with you day and night.

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3.     Give importance to your family first.

Your family is above everything, whether it’s friends or anything. Your parent’s love is selfless.

In our teenage, we saw our parents as our enemies, but believe me, they’re not, they’re the one who thinks a lot about you and cares the most.

You have to give priority to your family because they’ll stand with you in every situation. Remember that.

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4.     Don’t try to fit in everywhere.

16 evergreen life lessons you must learn today 1

Your thoughts and goals are different.

So, why do you always try to fit in everywhere?

Don’t think what people think about you because it’s their job, not yours.

You have to walk on a different path, follow it, and don’t try to adjust everywhere just for the sake of making others happy.

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5.     Never chase anyone is the best evergreen life lessons

Never chase people in your life because the more you’ll chase, the more you will lose them – the more they’ll take advantage of you.

Be you and live your life, give importance to your family, and focus on achieving your goals.

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6.     Praise who you are

You’re different and, you can become anything you want.

You must praise who you are – you must remind things that make you different from others.

Never try to be someone else because you’ll lose your own identity.

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7.     Think big

You have to think big in your life – you have to pay no tax for this.

You must write your goals in your journal and divide them into small tasks to achieve them efficiently.

 Small achievements will boost your confidence to achieve more.  

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8.     Never follow your friends’ advice.

16 evergreen life lessons you must learn today 2

You and your friends have the same brain, and both of you are of the same age. So, it’s not possible to judge what they’re saying is correct or not.

I would advise you not to follow your friends’ advice blindly – consult with your parents before taking any action.

Pro tip: Most important, you must follow your heart – your heart knows everything that you want in your life – and even your heart can predict what’s right or wrong for you.

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9.     Think about you and your family

Make you and your family the priority in your life. Do everything for you and your family first.

Don’t do what others say to please them because outsiders will never stand for you in bad times.

10.Laugh as much as you can

Your happiness is in your hands, don’t relate it with others.

Laugh as much as you can every day in your life. Just because someone has left you, hurt you doesn’t mean your life has drained.

You’re free to laugh, man. Just do it.

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11.Learn everyday

Make learning a habit because it will compound to give you a good return in the future.

Read everything from fiction to self-help, from technology to finance.

Having vast knowledge can help you think differently and innovate.

12.Don’t give up your precious time.

16 evergreen life lessons you must learn today 3

Not everybody deserves your precious time. You have to stop giving it to everybody. 

First, you must focus on doing your work and achieving your goals.

Second, fulfill the needs of your parents or family.

Last, if you’d left spare time, then spend it with others.

Tips when you’re working

  • Keep your phone silent
  • Don’t pick every call
  • Don’t reply to every message that popup.

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13.Don’t show off

16 evergreen life lessons you must learn today 4

Never buy things to impress others, because the reality is nobody cares about you and your expensive products.

Your spending habits can wipe out your wealth.

Emotion is the reason for bad spending habits. If you think of your brain, you’ll get the exact answer to whether you should purchase any product or not.

Control your emotions, never buy things to impress others.

Materialistic things never impress good people. They get impressed by your qualities and abilities.

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14.Your parents are your real supporters.

Your parents are indeed your real supporters. Never take a decision against them that could hurt their feelings.

Never talk to them in a loud voice; praise their efforts because they have sacrificed their happiness, money, time, and life for you.

Make them proud of your work and give them the life they deserve.

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15.Meditate everyday

Meditation is a great way to improve your life and create a balance between personal and professional life.

Meditation helps you to improve your focus and concentration – and increases your productivity.

16.Don’t follow the trend.

I have seen youth wasting their time on social media and spending their parent’s hard-earned money on the trend.

Young people are influenced easily by the “reel” hero instead of “real” heroes in life – which is not a good sign of a better future.

You must not follow the trend – focus on creating your trends, or do something that could solve the real problems of life.


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