Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it

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Why problem solving skills are necessary in life and why you should bother about it?

The purpose of learning this skill is to enhance your problem solving ability, so that you don’t lose motivation and don’t give up your professional work.

It is also important from managerial point of view. Mangers have to equip themselves with this one skill so that they could help the organization solve problems in better ways.

In the HR, test their candidate for this one skill to check whether they’re perfect fit for the job role or not.

Problem problem everywhere but not a single idea to solve them. It’s not just about the managers, it’s about the common person who face problems in everyday life.

The inability to solve the problem is the biggest problem faced by the majority of people around the world. 

Most people argue that not every problem can be solved. Are they correct?

Probably not.

But yeah if you talk about natural disasters – we probably can’t control them, we can just reduce their vulnerability.

In this post we aren’t going to discuss about natural disasters but problem solving skills.

Here, I’ve shared 7 new ways to enhance your problem solving skills. Let’s get started.

Beginning: Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution

problem solving skill and solutions

Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution and there’s an opportunity as well. Your mind needs to be prepared in advance for any kind of problem so that you won’t feel frustrated at times when problems approach you.

It’s been rightly said, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” Every problem has solutions.

However, most of us aren’t able to deal with them. The biggest reason is fear.

And the best part is that you can cure your fear by taking appropriate actions. Check out the list of types of fear and their actions.

The other reason is the inability to solve the problems. Let’s jump into the 10 ways to enhance your problem solving skill, enjoy your life, and take your life’s responsibility.

1. Stay calm in tough situations

relax and find solution

A silent person can achieve what others can’t. Whatever the situation may be, you should always stay calm.

A calm mind works better and suggest better solutions to a given problem.

Why is it important to stay calm in every situation?

I have a big reason for this, when you are angry and frustrated, you take actions on the instant decision made by your brain, without spending a single second on its side effects.

The more calm you are, the better solutions you get.

But when your mind is calm you can make a better decision. You get enough time to think about its positive and negative impacts.

It’s also called deep thinking, in which a person takes time to think over and over again before coming to any conclusion.

One more question arises here what if there’s an emergency to take a better and effective decision?

Peace Is The Best Time To Prepare For War.

You should start your mind training right away, as it will enhance your problem solving skill that will help you make a better and fast decision in an emergency.

2. Read eBooks to learn more

reading book can enhance your problem solving skill

Yep, I love reading eBooks, not any eBook but self-help eBooks of various fields including finance, self-improvement, motivation, copywriting, marketing, public speaking, etc.

Why you should choose eBooks over paperback?

Well, you can purchase traditional paperback books, but I love eBooks because of its major benefits:

  1. You can download eBooks immediately after making the payment; you don’t need to wait for its delivery.
  2. EBooks don’t need extra space in your luggage if you’re planning to go out. (Don’t forget to take your smartphone hahaha)
  3. You can read them at any time anywhere on your smartphone.
  4. EBooks are cost-effective; you can purchase 4 eBooks at the price of 1 paperback.

Why reading eBooks is important?

If you can’t find a mentor, find and a good book and learn from it.

It’s not important whether you have an eBook or a paperback, the important is to read them and consume the knowledge it conveys.

On Quora, I have seen people asking, “Why should I read books when I don’t remember its lessons for longer?

And of course, most people have given some of the best answers.

Well, that’s true, you can forget what you have learned, it’s natural.

For every new thing or lesson you learn, you get the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced thinking capabilities
  2. You become more aware of your environment
  3. The brain becomes more active
  4. You develop more guts to raise your voice against crimes committed.
  5. You start observing more and look for new things to learn everywhere, even from the smallest act.
  6. You become curious to know more about how different things work.
  7.  Most of all, you enhance your problem solving skills.

3. Brainstorm to improve your problem solving skill

Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it 1

It’s not that easy as it seems, but it may become easy if you understand what I wanted to say.

Just thinking randomly about anything won’t help you enhance your problem solving skill for sure.

You need to think in the right direction.

As I’m a business-minded person, I often read and listen to the stories of successful startups who have established their reputation in the forever growing market.

I learn a lot from them. However, the twist is, I prefer to learn more from the startups that collapsed in the few years of their launching.

Some of the questions I ask myself

  1. Why did they fail?
  2. What was the biggest fault they have made?
  3. What was the marketing plan?
  4. How the work was distributed among the members?
  5. What steps I had taken, if I was the leader of that startup?
  6. How can that startup rise again?
  7. What things can be changed?
  8. How a startup can establish its reputation?
  9. What things they have done wrong?
  10.  What was the mindset of the owner?

Think in terms of “YOU”

What steps you may have taken to become successful or become an expert in your respective field.

The basic idea is to learn from the failure of others, no matter what field you belong to, there’s always an opportunity to explore and learn more.

4. Observation is more powerful

Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it 2

You can learn more from observation. Why do you think successful people are silent?

It’s because they speak less and observe more.

You need to be silent for careful observation. While observing your environment you use more than one sense organ such as your eyes, ears, and brain.

Combine the use of these organs helps you enhance your thinking capability and develop your brain.

Why observation is so much important?

Regular practice of observation can help you understand complex problems easily.

The most dangerous person is one who listens, thinks, and observes

Bruce Lee

The fun thing is that you can observe anything, anytime. Example: You can observe a tree, not as other people do but in a different way.

You can observe and imagine its root deep underground, the different shapes of its branches, its shaking leaves, and so on.

Do remember to combine observation with imagination to make it more interesting and powerful.

5. Learn from case studies

Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it 3

If you have no idea, about what case studies are then let me share the knowledge with you.

Case studies are real events that are formatted as a story with some questions to help newbie solve real and specific problems.

In general, case studies are important for the following reasons:

  1. You mind struggling to find a solution to the given questions that develop your brain.
  2. Your brain can suggest new ways to sort out specific problems.
  3. Your brain becomes faster.
  4. Enhance your problem solving skill.
  5. It helps to change the way you think.

Case studies are fun to solve and you can learn much more, it also helps to rewire your brain.

6. Learn psychology

Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it 4
learning psychology can enhance your problem solving skills

Does psychology has anything to do with problem solving skill?

Probably not. But it gives you the knowledge to handle situation.

Psychology teaches the way to think and helps find solutions to problems.

If a person is creating a problem you could handle them using some psychological tricks.

Learning never go waste and psychology is the best subject because it covers every aspects of life such as people, mind, brain, habits, actions and much more.

Having a better grip over psychology can help you solve the problems efficiently.

7. Volunteer activities

Volunteer activities can enhance your problem solving skills. You can work under some experts and observe their methods of doing things.

You can learn much more by practically doing things.

Volunteer activities improve your observation skill and problem solving skill. You experience of how things works and how expert do their work professionally.

Never miss a chance when it comes to volunteering.

8. Begin your journey right away

If you couldn’t get involved in volunteer activities you can follow this point.

Problem solving skills: 8 new ways to improve it 5

Somebody: What journey? Are you taking me to mars?

Me: Haha, No.

I mean you should now start solving the small problem in your family, neighborhood, and for your friends.

Problems in real life are different from those we imagine in our heads. Thus, you must solve real problems.

What small problems you can solve?

You take some smart decisions on various matters. Let’s take my example: I hope you also watch Television as I do.

I often buy a monthly pack that includes some channels I do not watch frequently.

When I noticed it, I decided to unselect ‘less viewed channel’ for the next recharge that helps me save my money.

Furthermore, I realized that anyone could enhance their problem solving skill with small smart decisions.

You can try more

  1. Find the fastest way to clean your room.
  2. Find the fastest way to complete your work.
  3. How you can get more things done in a short period?

In short, you should take small smart decisions every day to make your base strong.

Wrapping up

Learning and practicing are the fundamental steps that can take you to success with no extra hard work.

You need to be punctual to yourself; I mean you should practice self-discipline to keep yourself going even when you get no results.

Problem solving skill is something that most people lack but everyone can learn with regular practice.

It requires brainstorming that helps to develop your brain, help to think in broader terms and take better decisions in life.


  1. How to develop problem solving skills?

    The most effective way is to work with other professional people and learn from them. Also, you can take help from books as well. But practical knowledge is worthy.

  2. Is problem solving skill just for managers?

    No, it’s for everybody who is fed up of problems in life.

  3. Do I need to spend any money to learn this skill?

    No, you don’t need to spend any money to learn this skill. In fact, problems are everywhere you just need to use your brain to find best solution for it.

  4. What is the advantage of problem solving skill?

    It boosts your confidence and prepare you for the uncertain future.

  5. How long it will take to learn problem solving skill?

    It’s a life long process where you keep learning new ways of solving modern problems.


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