6 best ways to defeat your negative inner voice

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No one can destroy you as much as your own thoughts can. Negative thoughts can ruin your life. Here are 6 points that will help you defeat your negative inner voice.

1.     Start your meditation

You have to start your meditation early in the morning. It’s the best time because your mind is fresh and it will help you concentrate easily.

Do your meditation work for at least 15 minutes every day.

Meditation is helpful, it keeps your mind silent, improves your productivity and performance. There are many such benefits of meditation and you have to practice it daily.

2.     Create a positive self-image

6 best ways to defeat your negative inner voice 1

A positive self-image is a great way to defeat your inner voice. How can you create your ‘true’ self-image?

Here are some ways:

  • You have to think – what makes you special
  • What are your qualities?
  • Do you have anything unique?
  • Can you do something worthwhile which others can’t do?

In short, you have to know yourself deeply. Deep knowledge about you can boost your confidence and makes you feel good.

It will help you defeat your negative inner voice and raise yourself to a new level.

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3.     Use the jar of your cookies.

6 best ways to defeat your negative inner voice 2

David Goggins says, “Your jar of cookies is your past achievements.”

You have to make a list of your achievement that you can read when you feel like giving up.

It will remind you – why you should continue your hustle.

The jar of cookies is helpful because it can make you achieve goals in life. Whatever are your life goals.

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4.     Overthinking is a bad habit.

You must avoid overthinking because we mostly think negatively about ourselves. We always curse our neighbors, our luck, and our abilities.

We think that others are responsible for our disappointment. But that’s not the case.

You and only you are responsible for your future or destiny.

So, you have to avoid negative talk about yourself.

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5.     Avoid your television

6 best ways to defeat your negative inner voice 3

Minimize the time you spend before your television because it’s one of the biggest reasons for negative feelings. 

Especially the news channels that broadcast mostly negative information.

Whether you feel the difference or not, but this negative information is indeed responsible for your negative thoughts.

Your environment and the type of content you consume every day impact your life and become a part of it.

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6.     Join the group of positive-mindset people

defeat your negative inner voice

You must join the group of positive people who pushes you forward in life because such people never feel jealous of others’ success; they never complain about anything and never blame others.

People with a positive mindset always work hard, learn, and find new ways to grow.

In short, such people are progressive and give importance to learning and success.

Being in the company of such people will help you grow and defeat your negative inner voice.

Final words

Well this is the major problem faced by the people now a days, thus, I’ve tried my best to help you get rid of this problem and setup a balanced and peaceful life.


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