4 best ways to cultivate the habit of reading books in 2021

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Reading books and learning new things is one of my favorite tasks I love to do every day. You can also cultivate the habit of reading books.

Reading books is a fun activity. It also helps to cultivate your mind.

I’m a programmer by profession. However, I love self-improvement and finance books more than programming books (I read them as well).

So, do you want to see yourself doing extraordinary things? Do you want to improve your personality? Do you want to become an expert in your niche?

If any of the above question’s answer is YES.

Then you should continue reading this post else you can read this post 7 best ways to get success in 2021.

Okay, so you want to cultivate the habit of reading books. Right?

My story:

I wasn’t fond of reading books until 2019. In 2020, I heard about the book Rich dad poor Dad.

I thought I should read that book. One of my best friends had purchased that book. I borrowed from him, started reading, and finished it within 3 days.

I was stunned by the advice and knowledge written by Robert Kiyosaki. BTW, Robert Kiyosaki is the author of “Rich dad Poor dad

Back to the story…..

From that day, I started reading various books in the niche of personal development, self-improvement, finance, psychology, programming (favorite as well), motivation, etc.

Now, none of my days goes without reading a book.

In this short post, I’ve shared the 4 best tips on how you too can develop the habit of reading books in 2021.

Once you become addicted to reading books and found it interesting you’ll no longer need others (LOL).

1.     The fear of losing

What’s the fear? What are you going to lose?

When I feel stressed, fearful, and doubtful. I pick one of my favorite books and read it.

In short, I’ve made myself dependent on books. I’ve made a belief that books have the solution to all my problems.

When I read them, I feel better, energetic, and motivated.

What is the fear of losing?

The fear of losing is the fear of losing your dreams and goals.

I don’t think you want to lose your goals and dreams. Do you?  

So, pick a book and start reading it.

2.     Knowledge is essential for success

cultivate the habit of reading books

Successful people had cultivated the habit of reading books at an early age because they were aware that knowledge is essential for success.

Knowledge reduces the fear of losing (goals and dreams).

It gives a new direction to your thoughts, helps to generate new ideas, and more.

What books you have to read?

Answer: You have to read your favorite niche’s book.  

Example: If you love cooking, read recipe books. If you love technology, read gadget books (Magazine is a better option).

Let your niche be anything but self-improvement books are for all. You have to read personal growth, self-improvement books every day.

3.     Growth

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

Arthur Ashe

Another thought:

It’s not extraordinary to achieve success rather keeping yourself to that level is extraordinary.


To maintain your success, you need to grow every day.

And you can grow everyday by reading books.

Millions of books are available in the world. It means you can learn many new things every day.

4.     You get the respect

cultivate the habit of reading books

People respect intelligent and smart people.

You can take it as a motivation and start reading books right away.

Pro tip: You shouldn’t do something just for the sake of respect. You should do things that you love.

I suggest that you don’t read books to get respect but to gain knowledge and grow your mind.

Respect comes along with hard work and better results.


As I’ve told you, I started reading books in 2020, and now I’m addicted to it. Addiction is bad for the future and health as well.

Pro tip: You should apply the knowledge you gain from the books so that your mind won’t feel the burden of knowledge.

Don’t try to mug up every line you read in books. You may forget some of the lessons of the books, but that’s okay.


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