The slave and the lion

The slave and the lion (Charity story) is emotional as well as an eye-opener story. (The slave and the lion) This charity story can change your life.

Charity story begins:

In ancient Rome, a rich man had a slave. The man was very cruel to him. The slave was looking for a chance to escape from him.

One day, he got a chance and somehow succeed in escaping from there. His master came to know

On the other hand, the running slave reached near a cave. He went inside it, by going inside he saw a lion who was moaning with pain. The slave saw his paw, there was a thorn.

The slave was afraid but he somehow removed the thorn from the lion’s paws. After that, the slave hugged the lion and went to a far place.

Few months after that incident, the officers caught the slave. They took him to their master. The master ordered to throw the slave in front of a beast. The officers did the same.

The beast’s cage was opened, but instead of attacking, the beast came near to the slave and bend on his feet.

The master was surprised to see it. That beast was the same Lion to whom the slave had helped a few months ago. Upon seeing this incredible incident, The master frees the slave forever and rewarded him.

Moral of the story

Help people with selfless heart and in return, you’ll get incredible results. Learn to help people for no reason. No one knows, How it will add to your life later on.

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