Fight for the right

Do you want to become a rich person? Do you want to become popular? Do you have dreams? If yes, then get ready for the war. You’re born not to be a slave but to be a king. You’re here not to sleep but to work. Being a rich and a popular person is not […]

Blind motivation for you

I want to design my life in my own way. It’s my great desire. However, I have excuses too. I have less knowledge, I have no money in my pocket, I am not a proffessional. Moreover, I don’t have a team, I’m alone. But Do you ever have thought of the person who can’t see […]

You can do it

World’s population is increasing rapidly and the competition as well. You’re lagging behind, and your dreams as well. There seems no hope for success. Not one believes in you. You’re going to quit now. But, wait. I believe in you and your dreams because I too have dreams and I respect those who follow their […]