4 best ways to build a strong network with professionals

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Nowadays it’s very easy to connect with professionals worldwide using social media and other channel.

It’s a different matter whether you get attention back from them or not.

We’re not going to discuss some stupid ideas on how to make network on social media.

I appreciate social media for its worldwide reach but those network won’t be available to you in times of emergency and even you can’t fully trust them if there’s any matter of your life.

Today we’re going to learn how to build a strong network with professional who can really help you in any matter.

Do you think people with high net worth have network on their social media or they personally know each other?

I bet they personally know each and interact on various matters.

You need to build network with people who can anytime discuss matter with physical presence and sort out it.

1. Young kids are real gems

Do you think the kids studying in school or college can increase the value of your network?

They probably can – if you’ve the ability to find the real gem.

Today’s kids will become tomorrow’s leader. And to stay in touch with them you first need to identify the real gem.

If you can do some of the tough work today it would be beneficial for you tomorrow.

You have sort out the college students who are not just intelligent but also have the sense of how real world works.

They just not need to have the formal knowledge that they receive from college. That child should be the one who is self-derived to learn multiple things.

I know it’s tough work but you have to do it, if you’re really want to build a future leader on your network list.

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2. Observation

What is the best way to learn anything?

Well, I think you don’t need to ask different questions from different people – you just need to ask one important question from different people.

Then listen to what they answer to your question.

Doing this activity will help you get different answers from different people who belongs to different background, profession etc.

Carefully observing and analyzing their answers can give you insights into what different minds think about one particular thing.

If the answer of any person satisfies you and you think that his/her thoughts match yours then you should consider adding that person to your network list.

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3. Waiting for the right person

This is the most tedious task you could do in life.

I wouldn’t recommend this approach because it’s not very much effective.

In this process, you need to keep going in the hope that someday someone will find you and that would be the right person you ever wanted.

It’s true that most people get their perfect life partner and business partner but through this process but that doesn’t happen with everyone.

To grow your network you need to go out and meet new people to observe how they talk and what suggestion they give you on any particular problem.

In this way, you can sort out people with skills that could help you in hard times or building your empire.

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4. Help others achieve their goals

If you’re unable to find the right person to increase the value of your network. Just help your friends and relative achieve their big goals in life.

This is the most effective approach as the person you will help today will emotionally attach himself with you and he would be ready to help you anytime in future.

Your school friends who are still struggling with their life can increase the value of your network.

But only when you would help them achieve their goals.

I know you might also be struggling in life and that’s a pretty cool thing because you both can derive motivation from each other.

It would strengthen your relationship to a further extent.

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Build a network is a secondary task that you should do after achieve a good position for yourself in life.

The real gem is your knowledge that would never betray you.

Knowledge is the only thing that could help you in bad times. Everything can be stolen from you but nobody can hack your brain and extract all the knowledge.

So, your first priority should be to work on increasing your knowledge.

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