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Blind motivation for you

I want to design my life in my own way. It’s my great desire. However, I have excuses too. I have less knowledge, I have no money in my pocket, I am not a professional. Moreover, I don’t have a team, I’m alone.


Do you ever have thought of the person who can’t see this world. He too have dreams, he might have less knowledge, he may not have money, he may not have friends. However, he hasn’t one thing that you have that is Excuses.

Yes, he don’t have any excuses. Nothing can stops him from acheving his goals. He can’t see this world, however, he can feel this world. And feelings are above everything.

You can attract everything by feeling it. Feel your dreams in each and every drop of your blood. Dissolve your dreams in your blood.

I think you have everything that is required for success that is you have two hands to work, two legs to walk, one brain to think and a heart to feel everything. And I think you don’t need anything else.

Just get up and start your work. You’ll soon going to see that success is going to shake hands with you. You’re not blind, you can see your bright futiure from present.

Everything depends on your hard work. Do your work and see the desired results.

The blind person too can see dreams, they too can see pictures, which have never seen in their whole life. You call it miracle but I call it blind power.

Not you not I can see this blind power even we have eyes to do so. However, the person who don’t have eyes can see it.

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