What are the biggest enemies of success for you?

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Fear is the biggest enemy of success as said by almost every successful person, even me. All kinds of fear are included in the list it may be the fear of failure, fear of losing money, fear of rejection, fear of falling, fear of water, fear of anything.

If you wanna succeed in life then you have to develop courage, the first thing, and the second is that you have to work over it.

In this post, I’m gonna share with you 7 biggest enemies of success including two points from my eBook “The worst book ever written

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Fearful mind and self-doubt are the biggest enemies of success

biggest enemies of success

This point is already mentioned in my eBook with a different matter. A fearful mind for sure never gonna succeed at any cost.

You either get a new brain or change your thoughts. I think changing your thoughts is a way better option.

Well, you have to remove any self-doubts you have on yourself because it will eat your future and freeze you from taking the required actions.

It was not so long ago when I used to think, “Why I have a poor brain man?” and I got the answer hidden in the following question.

Why we self doubt?

The main reason is “Lack of proper knowledge.” It is not just you, it’s me and all others who at some point in time self doubt because we don’t have the required knowledge and support.

The worst part is we start the comparison with others that makes us inferior and we lose all hopes and quit before we start.

It all happens in your mind and thus you need to make your brain stronger so that you can easily handle badass situations without depending on others.

“Fearful mind and self doubt often kills the creativity of a person”

Do you know the difference between a fearful person and a fearless person? See, below:

These are fearful buddies
biggest enemies of success
Fearful buddies credit: tenor.com
This is called a Fearless man
biggest enemies of success
Fearless man. Credit tenor.com

Haha! Don’t take it as a joke man, Be serious if you wanna achieve massive success in life.

Fear of uncertainty

Most people quit before they even start just because they don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future. Oh, man, nobody knows.

No one can predict future, example the smartphone you’re holding may fall right now and break, or the Desktop you’re using right now may crash.

In short, you’re surrounded by uncertainty and you have to live with it. In fact, the risk of uncertainty is essential in one’s life because it makes you wise to be ready for any bad events.

As I have said above, one of the biggest enemies of success is fear itself. You have to get rid of badass fear so that you can take the first step towards your goals.

How to reduce the risk of uncertainty?

Here’s something you can do:

  1. Do your work because it’s important that you can help to build a great future.
  2. Keep your eye on the result, use it as feedback, and improve if necessary.
  3. Be aware of the environment you’re living in. I mean keep learning about innovation and techniques.
  4. Be open to change.

Well, don’t worry about the uncertainty it’s not just you but it’s the biggest enemies of success for all those who are working hard to create a history.

I love my comfort zone and you?

sleeping man

Well, I used to love my comfort zone but soon I realized that it’s one of the biggest enemies of success, and I stopped hanging around it.

Well, most people try to get out of the comfort zone, they follow the new schedule for 3 to 4-day max and return to their old lazy schedule again.

Well, today’s question is why we love comfort zone so much?

Well, the reason is so simple – because either we don’t have big goals or we don’t love what we do and always find new ways to escape from it.

In order to kill this biggest enemy, you need to set some goals that you definitely wanna do in your lifetime. Moreover, you have felt it – feelings are powerful if you can attach it with your work you can definitely get success.

Peter Hollins the Author of “The science of breaking out of your comfort zone” says that comfort zone provides safety and security to everyone, but he also says that it’s a trap where you learn nothing, gains no experience, achieves no goals, and end up with nothing.

And yes he is right, you’ll get nothing in your comfort zone instead you’re flourishing the biggest enemies of success.

Lack of definite path

Big achiever has one thing common that is they had a definite path to follow. They had never allowed their badass mind to control them.

If you’ll ask “Do you have next 5 year plan?” Most people will act like this:

What are the biggest enemies of success for you? 1
I’m confused man. Credit tenor.com

Haha! What’s the point of living man?

One of the biggest enemies of success is the lack of definite paths, definite goals, and definite decisions.

Napoleon Hills in his book “Think and grow rich” has carved the importance of setting definite goals. He says that setting definite goals allows us to achieve targets more efficiently and faster.

Your brain gets exact data and searches for solutions. You have all the potential to search for almost anything, but it depends on where you focus on life.

Ego is the enemy man

Ego is the enemy” written by the Author Ryan Holiday is the bestselling book in which he describes how ego becomes dangerous for a person after being successful and create future problems.

In fact, it’s true you too might have come up with some people who at first are humble but as soon as they reach the height of success becomes egoistic.

Your biggest enemy is within you, it’s your ego man

Why we are talking about ego here?

Well, before you laugh let me tell you that most unsuccessful people who dream to be successful have much ego in them; they don’t wanna learn from others, they never ask a question and all other stuff.

It will hurt their ego if they do. Ah! Let them stay there.

But you people are here to become successful, so keep the distance from ego and never hesitate to learn from others and even helping them. Also, you should avoid these 4 bad habits as well.


What are the biggest enemies of success for you? 2

Writing a blog post is a tiring process and I used to hate doing so but I got something that touched my heart and starts loving it. Discuss later. Keep reading.

By the way, I forget to mention that this point is also present in my eBook with different content.

Consistency is important for two reasons:

  1. You learn everyday
  2. You get feedback to improve more

But the problem is that most people didn’t stick to their schedule for a long time, one reason maybe they don’t have an interest in whatever they’re doing or maybe something else, who knows.

Coming back to my blog post-writing story. Well, I learned to stick to my schedule because I have attached it to you guys. Confusing?

Well, as you know I love sharing knowledge, and I realize that if I’ll not maintain consistency then how I would share my thoughts with you and how you would learn from my experiences.

This small thought led to a big change in me, similarly, if you’re facing hard to be consistent in your work, try sticking it someone you care about.

Do it from the heart and you’ll find it easy to be consistent.

Well, most people are confused with the word consistency. I was too. The confusion was does consistency mean working daily?

Well, if you can hustle daily that’s good but you can hustle alternate days.


A man decides to make a painting every Saturday every week, and if he sticks to this schedule without dropping a single Saturday, it’s consistency.

Got it?

In short, make a schedule you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

As truly said:

“Consistency is the key”

Lack of emotional support

What are the biggest enemies of success for you? 3

It’s very much important to learn how to be emotionally strong. It’s an important factor that tells if you gonna succeed or not.

In the process of success, you have to hustle alone, nobody cares until you’re successful, thus it’s necessary that you learn more about emotional intelligence.

You don’t have to cry if failed, you don’t have to feel inferior if you didn’t achieve your goals, you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself, you don’t have to be a weak ass.

Nobody’s gonna hold your hands, you’re alone to support yourself and your dreams. Don’t let your emotions become one of the biggest enemies of success.

But don’t worry man I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to support you and your dreams.  Stay connected with me.

Wise and powerful words

The biggest enemies of success is you. Go through the post once again and read them, all the points mentioned here starts from you and ends to you.

In short, you’re the enemy of your own success man. You are standing like a wall between you and your goals.

You and only you can kick out all these biggest enemies of success and create your own path.

Everything is in your hand’s man; you have to understand that nothing can break you until you allow them to do so. Get up, make a decision right now, and stick to it until you succeed.

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