Which is a better life simple or high class?

Love the life you currently have that’s when you start to change your life. The law is simple love and value what you have and you’ll get what you want.

Most people say, “Oh! His or her life is easy than mine. I hope to have that lifestyle”  

which is a better life simple or high class?

It’s probably difficult to say which is a better life simple or high class.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple life or a high-class life the problems are equivalent and you have to fight with them every day.

The life you’re living right now is a dream of many people outside. Don’t waste your time in depression and stress.

Learn to accept everything that you have right now.

In my opinion, you should aim for a high class lifestyle. You should be happy, but never be satisfied.

In this post, I have tried my best to cover every point that will make you realize that you’re living a good life. So let’s start.

Which is a better life simple or high class?

The following points will help you to better, understand the different levels of life.

Problems chase everywhere

Problems are everywhere you can’t completely get rid of them. Problems are necessary because it develops your strength for future life.

Problems alone are not enough to upgrade your lifestyle; it won’t work if you didn’t act to solve it.

Whether you’re living a simple life or high-class life, the problems are according to it. Problems didn’t make a difference between rich and poor.

Everybody has to face them moreover these problems are inevitable and may come at any time, but the thing is that you have to be ready for it.  

Expenses rise in direct proportion

better life simple or high class

The more your income has the more your expenses increase. Why does this happen? The rule of economics applies here.

As the income of people increases, the demand for more goods that are expensive in order to improve their lifestyle and standard.

The mentality of people changes over time and they tend to think about their status.

In addition, without even thinking they spend money on things that aren’t necessary for them. This results in an unusual increase in expenses.

The following expenses are common in both lifestyles:

  1. Food expenses
  2. Rent expenses (if any)
  3. Transportation expense (whether you have a car or not, either way, you have to incur expenses)
  4. Health expenses and clothes expenses etc

People will leave you in a worse time

better life simple or high class

The most painful situation can break anyone and your loved ones will leave you at once.

People are greedy and they don’t even think about their own people. Whether you’re living a simple life or a high-class life when you’ll be in danger no one will come to give their hands.

It’s one of the harsh truths that most people don’t believe. But you can’t do anything.

You can’t control people and can’t make them stay in your life. They are free birds and can go anywhere without anyone’s permission.

Why the life you’re living is better?

My friend, if you have a house and three times a meal, a decent job, then you’re a rich person.

Most people out there have nothing they don’t even know if they’re going to get a one-time meal or not.

You should thank god for everything you have today. I have already told you that you should love your current life then only you can increase your standard.

The question is how to raise your standard?

How to change your life from simple to high class?

better life simple or high class

Your life depends on the amount of hard work you do today. You can change your life in the following three steps.

Be grateful for what you have

You should show your gratitude towards everything you have in your life. You can show your gratitude by writing a journal every day. What things you have to write in your journal?

  1. Write, “I’m grateful for” at the top of the page.
  2. Start from here:
    • The life I have
    • The people who love and support me.
    • For my parent and family
    • The things I have in my life
    • The energy who made everything possible for me
    • The hard work I do
    • The goals set and accomplish
  3. In the end, you have to write: I can change my life because I’m focused on my goals.

In this way, you can show your gratitude towards everything you have in your life. Writing a few lines in your journal is the best and easiest way to do it.

Aim for high-class standard

Now you have learned to show gratitude. It’s time to set goals for a high-class lifestyle. For this, you need two things:

  1. Write everything in your journal (other) that you wanted to achieve in your life.
  2. Set the deadline to complete your goals.

Work hard for it

Setting goals and visualizing it won’t change your lifestyle, you have to work for it. Working hard with smartness can help you faster to achieve your goals. Create a daily schedule and working on it will change your life.

Keep these points in your mind:

  1. Track your everyday process.
  2. Plan your goals a day before
  3. Take rest between 2 – 3 hours of work
  4. Drink a lot of water while working
  5. Don’t get overwhelmed

Final words

In my opinion, both lives are equally important but you should aim for high standards. You can change your current life only if you work hard for it.

In this post, I have clearly stated everything that is enough to change your life, if applied correctly.

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29 replies on “Which is a better life simple or high class?”

  1. Without getting to deep, I only know that being broke is not cool at all. I´m in constant hustle mode, I don’t know if I can pay the rent next month, so I eat once a day, I cut on my cigarettes, my whiskey(shouldn’t be a drunk though), and I´m pissed off quite a lot of times not knowing what is going to happen next month. I do receive a 300$ pension from the State but they can cut it off anytime and they are doing it a lot now a days here in Spain, it´s very hard to find a stable job here. So money…..MONEY!!!! Does rule the world, you know how many years now I haven’t went to buy good clothes or cinemas or a good restaurant? I even forgot how a cinema looks like, I live in shit town full of criminals and one is trying to hunt me down since it seems I owe him some money, but I stay there since the shit room is 150$ and there is the other drug dealer in the other room 15 meters from mine. But I got a computer for 250$. Not in the most legal matter and that is why the druggy dealer is looking for me. MONEY!!! This is what I enjoy, writing, but doesn’t pay any bill, wake up (if I sleep) and find a way to hustle someone and that is not me, plus if you hustle the wrong person although I can handle myself quite well physically you will end up in trouble, either because you got your ass kicked or got killed or you the reverse for self preservation and I end up in jail, again. Not cool, so if I had money I wouldn’t be living there and dealing with those people. Yet it is my choice anyways, I can´t fault anybody else. Plenty of people without money that don’t get into those troubles. What a freaking long comment, I thought you where my therapist…. Money!!!
    Hey Newtown, I just saw that I read you but I never hit the follow button…My mind gone with the wind.

  2. Tuve una infancia dura, con mucha necesidad, así que ahora que estoy más o menos en una clase media muy normalita, ya me parece haber conseguido mucho.
    Nunca he tenido ambiciones de llegar a una clase alta para disponer de más dinero, más joyas, más casas… mi ambición es intentar ser feliz con lo que tengo.

  3. I prefer my simple life, but simple or high class is all a matter of personal perceptions. There are some who mistakenly believe I might live the easy life, but these same people never consider what I do to attain the life I do live such as working 60 to 80 hours per week. Nor do these same people consider my many personal challenges such as having two loved ones in my home that are both suffering from cancer. One of which is terminal. It drives me insane when people tell me that some things must be easy for me.

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