What are the best morning habits you have to adopt?

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Morning is the best time to make your whole day awesome. Some best morning habits you can adopt right away can help you stay active and productive round the clock.

So, what are the best early morning habits that you have to adopt in your life?

In, The 5 A.M. club, Robin Sharma has described how your morning routine should look like and how it can make your whole day awesome.

What are the best morning habits you have to adopt? 1
Best morning habits

1.     Make your bed

“If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed,” said US Navy Admiral William H McRaven.

Making your bed gives the satisfaction of task-completion. It’s the first task that you should do every morning.

It builds self-discipline over a period.

Self-discipline is necessary to achieve anything in life. But why make your bed?

McRaven said if you can’t complete a small task, you can’t accomplish big things in life.

Big success lies in the small tasks we do every day. Thus, it’s essential not to ignore even the small work.

2.     Don’t check your smartphone

What are the best morning habits you have to adopt? 2

The smartphone is a problem-solving device, which has made life easy for everyone.

Though it’s useful it can cause harm to your health if not used carefully.

The smartphone emits white light, which can damage your eyesight over a period. Additionally, it causes headaches as well. It makes you sleepy, inactive, and unproductive.

Never touch your smartphone when you wake up early in the morning because if somebody has sent you a negative message, it will off-your-mood, which is not a good thing.

Smartphone eats your time faster.

Morning is an important time and you shouldn’t waste it for the sake of your smartphone.

Just wake up -> make your bed -> meditate.

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3.     Meditate

What are the best morning habits you have to adopt? 3

Meditation is another important activity that you should do every morning. Meditation has limitations such as how to sit, where to sit, and how to meditate.

You can meditate, sitting on your bed.

How does meditation look like?

In meditation, you focus on your breathing i.e. when you inhale and exhale.

A simple meditation adds many benefits to your life such as:

  • Improves your focus
  • Increases your productivity
  • It helps to control your emotions
  • Maintain your mental peace
  • Boosts your thinking capability

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4.     Exercise

best morning habits

The next activity is exercise.

Exercise is essential for physical fitness.

Following are the benefits of doing exercise every day:

  • It improves your blood circulation.
  • It makes your mind sharp.
  • It makes you active and productive.

The crucial question is how frequently you have to exercise.

The answer may vary from person to person. Some people prefer to exercise daily, some people do it every alternate day, and some like to do it bi-weekly.

I recommend choosing the schedule that best suits your time.

How long you have to exercise.

10 to 15 minutes of exercise is enough.

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5.     Take a cold shower

After doing the exercise, take a rest for 5-minutes then you have to take a cold shower. Well, I don’t know the benefits of taking a cold shower.

I do it daily because I love it.

6.     Express your gratitude

best morning habits

What is gratitude?

Gratitude means to be thankful for your life, friends, family, etc.

Practicing gratitude every morning is a best practice because it attracts peace, goodness in your life.

How to express your gratitude?

Take out your notebook or journal and write, “Thank you” to everyone who makes your life awesome, and don’t forget to mention your brain as well.

Indeed, expressing gratitude is a powerful technique to make your life more amazing.

It will take some time to reflect the changes in your life, but you won’t have to give up this practice.

Second, you have to feel the words that you wrote in your journal. Your emotions will connect you to the source of energy and reflect the same to you.

Must try this technique.

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7.     Eat healthy breakfast

Your thoughts are directly proportional to the type of food you eat.

Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast every day. Indeed, healthy food can improve your thoughts, your health, and so on.

What about junk food?

You can eat junk food once or twice a week but not more than that.

Tip: Avoid overeating because it may lead to obesity. And obesity causes many other diseases.

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8.     Get to work

Wear your nice, well-ironed dress. Feel good about yourself, be confident, and get to work.

9.     Check your phone

Now you can check your smartphone. Reply to emails, chats, and messages.

Final words

Morning is an important time that could transform your life. It feels boring when you try this routine for several days.

But you shouldn’t give up this routine because in long run it will benefit you. You can read some books to get in-depth knowledge on morning routines.

  1. The 5 A.M. club: own your morning, elevate your life by Robin Sharma
  2. The miracle morning: The not-so-obvious secrets guaranteed to transform your life by Hal Elrod
  3. The 5 A.M. revolution: Why high achievers wake up early and how you can do it too by Dan Luca


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