Are you still thinking?

Sad poem about life. This poem can change your life, it will make you to meet your desired goals. You can motivate yourself to take the step which is required to carry out your goals. There’s one question waiting for you. Be sure to comment your answer before leaving this page. Without wasting your time […]

10 extremely rare quotes for you

Hey, my friends. Here is the extremely rare quote for you. 10 extremely rare quotes are enough to make an impact in your life. You want something new today just give 5 minutes to these quotes and see what happens. You’ll not be same as you’re now. And of course, there’s an interesting question for you. […]

The singer and the house owner

Hi, I have come up with an interesting story. I hope you’ll like it. It’s a story of a poor singer and the house owner. This story is long as compared to my other stories. However, it’s going to add values to your life. And of course, there’s an interesting question waiting for you at […]

10 life changing quotes you should read

10 life-changing quotes you should. All quotes are new and are able to improve your life. If you’ll like the quotes, don’t forget to share it. Moreover, there’s a question waiting for you at the end of the post. You can answer it if you think it will be useful. “Never feel shy to share […]

2 stories no one has ever told you

Welcome, back my dear friends. Today I have written 2 stories, that you had never heard. These stories are new and I hope you’ll like it. There’s a question at the end of stories. Both stories are written with a focus to add values to your life. These stories may be an eye-opener for you. […]

My school days (An old memory)

Hello, guys. I have written a poem on school days. The best days of our life are school days. No one can forget those days. This poem may be emotional for some of you. Please go through the poem. Because, in the end, a question is waiting for you.  Oh! my school days. Poem on school days […]

4 short knowledge sharing stories

I have written 4 best short knowledge sharing, stories. I know time is precious, that’s why I have written 4 stories in one post. These stories may be useful to you. These stories are meant for those who are seeking short stories. Here’s a list of all the four 4 stories. List of short knowledge […]

New quotes 2018 inspirational and motivational

Here are new quotes of 2018. Inspirational and motivational. These new quotes can change your life and gives you a new direction. Motivation is a key that generates hope in the hopeless. It makes people, what they ever wanted to be. You’ll definitely be going to enjoy the new quotes 2018 below. Read them and enjoy. New […]

10 motivational and inspirational quotes

10 Motivational and inspirational quotes for you. If you’re seeking awesome and new quotes. Then you’re in the right place. These quotes are created by us and are new. We hope you’ll like them. You can tell in the comment section. Quotes: If you feel stress, just think of the friends who believe in you […]

The garbage story

The garbage is an inspiring story that can alter your life. It’s an inspiring story of a poor man.  He was badly insulted by his friend. The man was not his real friend. If you want to know how and why it all happened. Read further and explore. Inspiring story (The garbage) begins: There was […]