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The Other Side

Posted: 30-Jul-2018 Author:

A father was reading a magazine and his little daughter Suzan was distracting him. Suzan was just 6 years old, and was not allowing her father to read a single line of the magazine completely.

The father got irritated and to keep Suzan busy he tore a paper on which a Map was printed and asked her to join all the piece to get the map back. Suzan was very excited, she took the pieces of paper and ran into her room.

She immediately came back from her room and showed the paper to her father. Her father was astonished to see the Map joined in few minutes.

He asked, "How you did it so fast?".

Suzan replied, "Father, there's a woman's face on the other side of this map, I have adjusted her face to get the Map completed". After that Suzan went for playing, leaving her father astonished.


Moral of the story

There's always an other side. Whenever we face challenges or problem we must look at the other side, and we'll be astonished to see that there's an easy way to solve that problem.


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