How to achieve things that you truly want in your life?

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You can achieve everything in your life. The only limit exists in your mind.

Every year you set the same resolution, you decide to work harder and of course, you work harder for a few days but gradually your motivation fade away.

Where your motivation does go? Why do you get back to your old routine again?

Well, the reason for both the above questions is you lose motivation to work.

And on 31st December every year – when others are busy celebrating the new year you feel the guilt of not achieving any of your goals again.

In this post, I’ve shared strong reasons that will keep you motivated throughout the year to take massive actions.

1.     Fear can help you achieve your goals

How to achieve things that you truly want in your life? 1

Fear has always been the biggest motivator for me. It has helped me many times.

I know it’s hard to push yourself to take action. But fear can make this work easy.

You have to generate a strong fear with the help of your brain. You have to become a little negative here. You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What if I didn’t achieve my goals?
  2. What if I remained average this year again?
  3. What if my haters got one more chance to make fun of me?
  4. What about the promise I have made to my parents and myself?

Just write down these questions in your journal and keep it safe with you. Whenever you feel like giving up just open your journal and read these questions.

It will motivate you to work hard and take massive actions again.

My friend I know how much pain it feels when you get no result for your hard work.

But believe me, the only person who succeeds in life who never gives up. You have to believe in yourself.

2.     Do it for your parents

How to achieve things that you truly want in your life? 2

Why are you searching for motivation when your parents are with you?

Your parents are the biggest supporters of you. They will never leave you alone in any worse situation.  

You have to take massive actions for your parents. You have to make your parents proud.

Keep a family photo around your workplace you have ever taken with your parents.

Your family photo will work as motivation and will push you to work even harder.

Dude nobody can stop you from achieving your goals. Just believe in yourself and your actions.

3.     Calculate the time for everything

How to achieve things that you truly want in your life? 3

You have to have a clear idea of how much time will it take to achieve your goals. How much time will it take for your other dreams to come true?

Such as the type of house you want to build, the car you want to gift your parents, etc.

You have to calculate the time it’s going to take. I’m sure it will take more than 5 years of consistent hard work before you can achieve everything in your life.

Huge time? Right?

So, stop wasting time and get to work.

Kick the sleep out of your head. Your goals should be big enough that sleep itself says, “I don’t want to sleep.”

4.     Set your priorities

How to achieve things that you truly want in your life? 4

Have you ever thought about where do you spend most of your time?

If not, then it’s perfect the time to make a list of activities you do every day and the amount of time you spend on it.

After completing the list read it thoroughly and you will find that you’re wasting your precious time on useless activities – activities that have nothing to do with your progress and goals.

You have to avoid such activities and people who never motivate you to work hard and grow with time.

Now pick the list you have made above and trim all useless activities, now write a list of activities that are related to your goals.

And of course, assign the time for each activity.

No matter what you have to stick to your plan and please never go against your plan for anyone. No one means no one, not even you.

5.     Talk less and work more

How to achieve things that you truly want in your life? 5

The biggest mistake I have did in my past few years. I’ve talked a lot about my goals, I’ve seen many big dreams but I’ve never worked hard to achieve them.

You have to talk less and work more, then only you can achieve your goals.

There’s no shortcut to success. You have to bear the pain of struggle and keep going until you reach your destination.

The thing to remember: Look for new opportunities when you achieve one of your goals. In short, you don’t have to settle in life. Be greedy to achieve more, learn more and earn more.

6.     Stay away from distractions

The biggest distraction I have faced in my life is the distraction of people. I’ve gone through many heartbreaks. I’ve trusted people who were not mine.

I’ve done everything for them but they cheated me. I gave up my dreams just for the sake of fake people.

I request you to stay away from people who don’t support you.

The common characteristics of fake people are:

  1. They pretend to be the most caring person.
  2. They just share their problems with you but never involve you in their happy moments.
  3. They use your resources without helping you.

I mean just stay away from such people, and please never give up your dreams for them.

Your goals are bigger than fake people are. Just stay focused and keep doing your work.

7.     Nobody cares so why do you?

Nobody cares, who the H*ll you are until you become successful. So become one.

Don’t distract your mind, don’t waste your time. Don’t stop taking actions for temporary pleasure.

At the end of the day, the thing that matters is how much you achieved today.

Nobody cares how hard you struggle people just look at your results. Stop caring for what they think and start taking action.

8.     Feed your mind as you feed your stomach

Food is necessary for survival but healthy food is essential for proper growth and development.

You have to feed your brain with positive thoughts every day as you feed your stomach with healthy food.

Positive thoughts are necessary because they will help you bear the mental and emotional without breaking your heart.

Positive thoughts combined with positive feelings can become your desire and you can achieve your goals easily.

Final thoughts

Nobody cares how hard you work. People just care about the results you get they just care about themselves.

Never work to please others. Do things that you truly want to accomplish in your life.

You have to stay away from distractions. You have to make your own path.

You have to keep learning every day.


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