About us

It was started back in December 2017, when we were introduced to the word BLOGGING, and we decided right away to start our own.

None of us had much knowledge regarding blogging and on 17 January 2018, we registered our domain www.newtan.xyz

Let me tell you “.xyz” is a cheap and top level domain.

Initially, we were sharing stories, poems and quotes.

It was not easy for us to come up with stories and poems every day, thus, we were searching for something else, at last, we decided why not share our life experience with people.

Till then we had published many stories and poem on our blog, we took the hardest decision to delete all the existing posts and start fresh with personal development, growth, and success posts.

We have learned a lot along the journey and we’re still learning and growing every day.

Btw, Who we are?

About us 1

We’re team newtan, a dedicated team of individuals working together to share knowledge and help those who are looking for advice.

It’s better to travel with a partner than being alone, we’re with you along your journey.

What we do?

We share best posts on personal development, success, growth and more.

Why best posts?

Because most of our posts are based on real-life experience, we think that a person can learn more from real-life examples.

Plus, we have now included book lessons in our posts. Also, we share the infographics or mind map with each post. (Our older posts need an update)

Why chose us?

The internet is flooded with many blogs.

But we’re dedicated to what we say, you can ask for articles on certain topics, or even lessons from best-selling books, in case you don’t have that particular book or wanted to learn a bit before purchasing.

Just use this form and send your queries. We’ll try to serve you as soon as possible.

You don’t need to pay a single penny to get these stuffs.

Reminding what we offer.

  1. Personal development, success and growth tips
  2. Infographics or mind maps
  3. Best selling book lessons
  4. Real-life experiences

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Nice to meet you 🙂

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