A day as a king

King of the Newtan

Once upon a time there was a king who ruled on a vast kingdom. He was loved by almost everyone in his kingdom. Some people said, “What a lucky person he is on the earth”. The king had a lot of servants who can go to the end of the earth to fulfill his wish.

He had a friend whose name was Junior. He had visited his kingdom for few days. He also said, “My friend you are very lucky, you don’t have any responsibility, you can enjoy your life the way you want”.

The king said to his friend, “My dear friend, if you think that my life is easy take over my place”.

His friend said, “I can’t acquire your place but if it can be done I would like to be king for one day”.

The King agreed. The next day his friend dressed in King’s outlook and came to the court. The King was siting on the throne And he said to his servants, “Junior is king for today itself and you all have to follow his order as you follow mine”.

After some time when they were having dinner his friend pick the glass to drink the water. As he moved his head upwards he a saw a sword hanging with a thin thread, which could break at any time and could took away Junior’s Life.

He got afraid and asked the king, “Don’t you have seen this sword?”

The king said, “Yes, I have seen this sword and it can take away my life at any time, I even don’t know when my enemies will assassinate me, I am no lucky person, I face these dangers everyday”.


? Lesson to learn ?

No one is lucky in this world. Whatever a person had is, just because of his hard work. With higher posts comes responsibility.

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