9 Secrets to living a healthy life

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Being fit and healthy is very important because everything depends on it either directly or indirectly. Nothing good can be achieved with poor health.

So, what are the 9 secrets to living a healthy life? However, before we start let’s start with the introduction.

living a healthy life

Health is an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored especially if you have big goals in life. It takes many sacrifices to achieve big goals.

However, sacrificing your health in order to achieve your goals is a bad choice. A healthy and fit person can go along with his or her dreams. So, let’s being with the 9 secrets of a healthy life.

Develop healthy eating habits                    

Your healthy life depends on the type of food you eat. Junk foods have a negative impact on health. I’m not prohibiting you from eating junk food. Rather, I’m suggesting you consume less amount of junk food.

Eating junk food repeatedly can blot your life in the long run. Thus, avoid it as much as possible. Instead, you can eat green vegetables. Saying no to green veggies is not a wise decision.

Green vegetable has minerals and vitamins that protect you from deficiency diseases.

What are deficiency diseases?

These diseases are caused due to the deficiency of minerals in our bodies. Therefore, you must eat a balanced diet throughout the day.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet is a diet that contains food from the following groups:

  1. Energy giving foods
    1. Example: Brown rice, banana, sweet potato, etc
  2. Bodybuilding foods
    1. Example: Meat, egg, fish, etc
  3. Protective foods
    1. Example: Leafy vegetables, citrus fruits (orange, lemon), etc.

Don’t spend more time in traffic

healthy life fit and healthy lifestyle

The number of vehicles on the road has increased in the past few years. It has to lead to an increase in pollution significantly.

Nowadays, a non-smoking person is suffering from lung cancer. It is due to the harmful gaseous released by the vehicle.

I know it’s no easy for the persons who have to drove daily to the office. However, you can keep your car’s windows closed. It will protect the harmful gaseous from entering inside.

I know many electric cars are running on the road. However, its percentage is low. Still, 90% of the vehicles run on petrol and diesel.

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Exercise daily for a healthy life

Exercise is good for a healthy life. It makes your mind and body fit and strong. Most of you will say, “I don’t have time for exercise.” I know my friend how much work you have.

However, you shouldn’t ignore your health. Health is the greatest wealth. You should make a daily routine of 30 min of exercise.

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Exercise is an important factor that improves health and increases productivity. Doing 20-30 min exercise helps in faster breathing that took oxygen to all parts of the body rapidly.

It ultimately increases productivity and keeps you active round the clock.  

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Yoga can make healthy life

fit lifestyle

For those who don’t like moving their body so much (as in the case of exercise), they can try yoga.

Doing yoga on a daily basis can boost your concentration power. It also enhances your thinking capabilities.

Researchers have found that yoga directly affects the brain and makes people understand them better. The better understanding makes better control over our body.

This is the reason that the Monks are very silent and stay away from materialistic items. You should develop this habit gradually to make your life fit and vigorous.

Say NO to smoking

Most people ruin their life in smoking. Smoking causes lung cancer, it is very dangerous. Cancer can be treated however, it costs a huge amount of money.

It’s an old saying “Prevention is better than cure”. It hurts when an educated person smoke in public or privately.

Smoking is not good for your health. Moreover, it’s not good for the people around you as well. Wasting your money on smoking is not a good decision. You can use that money to invest or to set up your business.

I know you most of you don’t smoke or drink. However, I request to leave this bad from those who are involved in such activities.

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Develop a habit to wake up early

wake up early

“Early to be and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

For a healthy life, you should wake up early before sunrise. It’s a good practice because it will keep you fresh throughout the day.

You should complete your most important task early in the morning. It’s the time when innovative ideas strike in your mind.

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It’s happening because your brain is free from the garbage of your surroundings. It keeps our focus and concentration in one place.

Do start taking advantage of the early morning. There’s one more advantage of early morning it makes your mood fresh, which ultimately leads to happiness.

A happy person can achieve anything in life because it boosts your energy level.

Drink water as much as you can

Our 70-80% weight contains water. Water is very precious as it is our lifeline. All living things need water to perform various activities.

Water contains various minerals that are required by our body. Thus, it’s necessary that you drink at least 6-8L of water.

It’s compulsory, you can drink as much you can. However, make sure that you never lay thirsty for a longer time.

Regularly check up your blood pressure and sugar level

Increased blood pressure and sugar level are becoming a major problem these days. Therefore, you should ensure regular check-ups.

High blood pressure can cause death. You should pay attention to what you eat and try to control it in case you’re eating unhealthy food.

Don’t overuse smartphones

The craze of smartphones has increased significantly. Every day a new smartphone is launched. It’s good to carry a smartphone but it’s not good to overuse it.

Smartphone’s screen emits blue light, which is very harmful to the eyes. Smartphones have been made to make our work easy.

 However, if not used carefully it can ruin your life.


In the end, I would just say that developing good habits would make your life healthy and fit. Wasting your money on junk food and smoking is not a good idea.

My work is to make you aware of little things that can possibly ruin your life. Although, it’s your life and you surely know what to do and where to go.

See, if you’ll follow the above tips seriously then you can create a healthy life. Share this article with friends to make their life healthy.

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