9 best ways to become rich in your life

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Being rich is everybody’s dream, but not everyone knows how to reach that goal.

Some people associate rich life with happiness but happiness is eternal. The topic of happiness is for some other day.

In this post, I’ve shared – how to become rich in life.

A word of caution: Never fall into the trap of get-rich-quick schemes. When it comes to money, make every decision consciously and not emotionally.

It takes an average of 6 to 7 years of committed hard work to become rich and famous.

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How to become rich in your life – infographics

1.     Have a rich mindset

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A rich mindset is necessary to become rich in life. You can’t open doors for money while having a negative attitude towards it.

You have to unlearn some of the facts taught by society.

Unlearn the following facts:

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • Too much money causes trouble.
  • Rich people are bad.

Learn these facts:

  • Money helps during a crisis.
  • Money is important to help others.
  • Money can buy products that we need to live a comfortable life.
  • Money is essential to fulfilling the wishes of your loved ones. (This is important)

Having a rich mindset is easy if you practice it daily by writing the above affirmations in your diary and reading them aloud.

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2.     Read books every day

9 best ways to become rich in your life 2

People are not rich because they possess a lot of money. Rather, they have the vast knowledge that helps them accumulate huge wealth.

So, rather than chasing money directly, you should focus on improving your skills and knowledge.

Indeed, knowledge is essential to keep you going in life. Once you stop learning, your growth stops.

Many books are available on various subjects such as mindset, attitude, finance, management. You can purchase and read them.

You have to develop the habit of reading books. Although, it’s difficult to make a habit of reading you have to do it.

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3.     Build self-discipline

All other factors are secondary, but hard work with self-discipline is mandatory.

If you’re committed to working hard without being frustrated of getting-no-results, then you can achieve your financial goals.

Self-discipline is mandatory in every section of life. Without that, you can’t experience growth and happiness.

4.     Have patience

You have to have patience when you won’t see results. Feeling frustrated and stressed won’t make your life better.

How to have patience in life?

  • Never think about the money.
  • Never think about the end goals.
  • Love the work you do.
  • Have a positive attitude (We’ll talk later about this topic).
  • Keep a smile on your face all the time.

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5.     Work hard for it

become rich

Money doesn’t come easy way, you have to work hard for it.

But just working hard won’t give you the result either.

Here are some useful tips you can follow:

  • Make a plan based on your financial goals.
  • Create a schedule for your goals.
  • Follow it every day.
  • At weekends, check your performance.
    • It’s essential to check your performance so that you can improve what needs your attention.
    • Don’t be lazy with your schedule.
  • Spare some time to learn every day.

Some hidden laws:

  • Always aim to add as much value as you can to people’s life.
  • The more value you will add the more money you can make.

Always remember: Your work and happiness should be the primary goal, put money secondary.

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6.     Create multiple sources of income

9 best ways to become rich in your life 3
List of sources of income

A single source of income and just savings won’t make you rich. You have to create multiple sources of income.

But let me tell you it won’t be going too easy.

It takes time to build multiple sources of income.

First, you have to work on developing one stable source of income example: get a job, or start teaching students at home.

Let some money flow into your pocket. Use that money and start some side hustle. Example: You can start a blog just like this one. (It’s free to start a blog)

What other sources of income are available out there?

  1. Websites, blog (not easy)
    1. Develop your apps (again not easy)
    1. Start YouTube channel (easy to start, hard to maintain)
    1. Invest in real estate (needs a lot of  research for hot properties)
    1. Invest in stocks, bonds, index funds (needs a lot of research except index funds)
    1. Publish your eBooks (it takes time to write a good eBook, and success is not guaranteed. Don’t lose hope you can give it a try.)

You can create many sources of income, but as I’ve told you earlier it won’t be going too easy.

And that’s probably the reason why few people are insanely rich.

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7.     Keep your expenses constant

Your expenses play an important role in your wealth. It either can break your bank or can help you accumulate wealth.

Keeping your expenses constant in proportion to the rise in your income level can make you rich.

 Yeah, you have to buy things that you need but avoid purchasing luxury items at least for some days.

8.     Start early

Early bird gets the worm.


  • You have to start learning about finances early.
    • You have to develop multiple skills early.
    • You have to start investing early.

It’s never too late, if you’re reading this article now, then “Now” is the right time to start whatever you wanted to do.

9.     Have a positive attitude

A positive attitude gives you the power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.


Attitude is everything and you have to maintain a positive attitude towards your goals, life, and work.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean your life would be stable. Indeed life will create problems, but you have to turn your problems into opportunities.

When a problem strikes your way, just seek to learn lessons from it and work even harder.

Indeed, success will be yours in the end.

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Final words

I put happiness above everything, but you can’t deny that money is also essential. And of course, you can become rich with committed efforts.

Financial planning is essential for life. I would recommend always consult multiple experts before making any decision-related investments.

In the end, I would just say, praise what you have and keep working to achieve what you want.


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