How to deal with anxiety in your life?

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More than half of the world’s population is struggling with anxiety; it’s emerging as one of the biggest problems in the modern era. A very few people got any idea how to deal with anxiety?

In this post, we’re going to focus particularly on anxiety, measures to control it and if possible we’ll try to uproot it forever from your life.

Whether you’re a blue-collar person, professional, or businessman you may probably be struggling with the anxiety in day to day life.

Anxiety takes it scary form when you interact with your family members. Want to know how and when? Keep reading.

You may have heard about the daily fight between husband and wife, fathers behaving rudely with their children; children are not getting the proper love and care from elders. It might be the effect of anxiety.

Anxiety is not just damaging the neurons of your brain, but it’s reducing your creativity, ruining your relationships, and deforming your image in the society.

Thus, it became necessary that you read the whole post without skipping a single word.

Let’s abruptly dive into the steps to deal with anxiety.

Mind Map to deal with anxiety

deal with anxiety mind map

The deadline works better when it comes to anxiety

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 1

The anxiety captures your mind when you’re not bound by the deadline. Setting a deadline for work improve focus, increase productivity, and leave no space for anxiety.

Your mind is afraid of deadlines it has some emotions attached from past events that happened to you. Maybe you have been kicked out of the class for not submitting your assignment on time.

The 25-minute formula

I use the 25-minute formula. When I sit to write a blog post or create Instagram posts, I set timer for 25-minutes, which serves a deadline.

After 25-minutes you have to set another deadline for 10-minutes, in these ten minutes you have to do completely different tasks such as fun activity, push-ups, cracking jokes, teasing siblings, etc.

Don’t think about your work in these minutes, in short, this is for refreshment.

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The 25-minutes of working deadline is not too long to get bored nor the 10 minutes of rest is too long that will make you lazy.

Using this rule, you can easily spend your one-hour, working efficiently while having rest. 25 + 10 + 25 = 60 min = 1 hour.

It works better for me, and I’m able to complete my tasks efficiently. Try it and comment on what’s your ideology to work efficiently.

Pro tip: If you use your desktop or laptop to work you can easily set the timer in Google. Just type “Set timer for 25 minutes” and hit enter. It looks like the image shown below:

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 2
Google Timer Setting with stopwatch

The sweet training to deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 3

You don’t have to eat your favorite sweet to deal with anxiety, but it may be helpful because I remember the time while dealing with anxiety I have eaten chocolates and surprisingly I have felt better.

Here, I’m talking about the training of which most people (including me) runoff. Think for a moment how long can you run from the reality (I don’t think up to Mars).

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Muhammad Ali

So, take the first step for training. It usually seems very difficult and tiring to train even for 5 minutes, because our brain is a lazy organ.

It won’t let you do the stuffs that seems hard and tiring.

However, if you succeed in making the training a fun part of your life you can, take it to the next level.

How to train your brain to live in present moment?

You can give instructions each time your brain tries to run off the present moment, it’s a bit complex process, but as you go along, it will become easy to handle your brain.

The second best-used method passing from generation to generation is “MEDITATION.”

I know you have already heard about it, but how much time you have to spend doing it. Most people quit within 2 days because they won’t see immediate results.

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Believe me, meditation is a fun activity. Let’s look at two cases:

  1. Suppose, you’re thrown at a place full of noise, disgusting smell your nose can’t handle even for a second, the Honk-Honk of vehicles, the shouting of siblings. Damn! I would never like to go to such a place.
  2. You’re staying at the home surrounded with peace, there’s no one to disturb you, no noise, no honk-honk, no bad smell. How would you feel? Amazing. Right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start meditation and be consistent.

The best time to mediate is early morning.

The people who love you

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 4

What makes you worry too much?

It’s your loneliness, I think and the love you don’t receive from family or your loved ones. Stop whatever you’re doing right now (I know you’re reading) and spend time with your family, talk to them, share your experiences and crack jokes.

You’re not receiving the love you deserve and this is probably the reason you find yourself alone, full of anxiety.

I have personally experienced this phenomenon in my life. I often used to work alone, creating posts, finding solutions, doing research, reading books, etc, all alone.

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I was rarely spending time with my family, and the side effect was started showing up. Day by day, I was feeling more n more alone, fearful, unhappy, and full of anxiety.

Hopefully, one day when the situation went out of control, I set my all work aside to think over the problem and I realize the mistake I was doing.

I wasn’t spending much time with my family, I had forgotten that we humans are social creatures that needs love, support, and affection.

Don’t make the mistake I have done.

The unknown damage

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 5

Let’s say you’re driving your favorite car, it’s red in color I guess. You’re focused on driving, looking straight through the windshield.

The visibility is less, due to foggy weather. Surprisingly, you lost in the thoughts of the future; you slow down the car, stop at a point, and pull out the keys.

You’re getting deeper into the thought, suddenly you heard a loud voice coming through the right side window, upon opening the window you saw a huge engine traveling with a rocket speed coming towards the car before you can do something it crash into the car.

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The same thing happens with your brain; you feed anxiety with your hands and it gradually damages the neurons that ultimately take a serious turn in your life.

But the shocking thing is ahead. Keep reading.

The tasty feeding concept to deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 6

What happens when you saw your favorite food? You can’t stop yourself from pouncing on it. You enjoy eating your cheesy food, even when you know it’s harmful in the long run.

Your stomach needs enough healthy food to produce energy so that you can finish your yesterday’s work.

The same is true with your healthy brain. You can feed it with thoughts. Yes, the thoughts that came to your mind every single second.

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 The two types of thoughts:

  1. Positive
  2. Negative

Negative thoughts are similar to cheesy Junk food which at first doesn’t seem to cause any harm but in the long run, it causes massive damage to your mind, relationships, social image and so on.

Prevention is better than cure” as always said. So make sure you’re making the best choices for you because one bad choice will not just ruin your life but also harm your loved ones.

The sun bathe

How to deal with anxiety in your life? 7

In the rush of work, we have forgotten to take sunbathe. Spending time in sun adds huge benefits.

Some of the benefits of sun bathing are as follows:

  1. The first thing it helps to reduce anxiety.
  2. It helps to heal skin problems.
  3. It helps to maintain blood pressure.
  4. It strengthens the Immunity, which helps to protect our body from diseases.
  5. It also helps in better sleep.  

As a friend, I highly recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes under the sun every day.

More Info on sun bathe:

Final words

Reading the best tips on how to deal with anxiety is not okay until you apply it in your life. Anxiety will take you nowhere in life, it’s the root of all evil.

One step towards positive thoughts can make a huge difference in your life. Involve so much in your activities that you won’t get enough time to think about garbage stuff.

I hope this post help. Please share it on Facebook and twitter.

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