4 short knowledge sharing stories

I have written 4 best short knowledge sharing, stories. I know time is precious, that’s why I have written 4 stories in one post. These stories may be useful to you. These stories are meant for those who are seeking short stories. Here’s a list of all the four 4 stories.

List of short knowledge sharing stories.

  1. What is precious?
  2. What will be my future?
  3. He is better than me.
  4. Do you know I love my struggle than my success?

Short Knowledge sharing stories begin:

Story 1: What is precious?

short knowledge sharing stories

A debate competition was going on between a rich man and a poor man. The host asked a question from them.

Question: What is the precious thing in the world?

The Rich man was very confident. He knew the correct answer. Moreover, it was his turn to answer first.

He said, “Money is the most precious thing in the world. Even I wouldn’t be called a rich person without money.

His answer impressed the judges. However, it was poor man’s chance to give an answer.

He smiled and said, “Time is the most precious thing in the world. Time differentiates between a Rich man and a poor man. I remained poor because I have never understood the importance of time.”

Story 2: What will be my future?

short knowledge sharing stories

An Eleven years old boy was very confused and frustrated a bit. A strange question was eating him up.

He didn’t bear it anymore and went to his father.

“Dad! Can you tell me what will be my future?” The boy said.

His father thought for a few seconds and said, “My dear son, your future will be the same as you’ll dream and work for it.

Story 3: He is better than I am.

short knowledge sharing stories

A classical singer was performing in a concert. He was the popular singer in the town. His voice was so melodious. The concert was finished within two hours. The chief guest was impressed by his voice.

He said, “You’re a great singer. No one can sing better than you.”

The singer smiled and said, “Thank you sir, But I’m not a good singer. There’s someone else who sing better than me.”

The chief guest asked in surprised, “How is it possible? Who’s he?”

The singer said, “Sir, my teacher sing better than me. He is my teacher who has taught me singing. It simply means that he is a good singer. And I can’t sing better than him.”

The whole auditorium echoed with clapping.

Story 4: Do you know I love my struggle than my success?

short knowledge sharing stories

It was raining and a girl sitting on the footpath with down head was crying. She was in trouble. Her hard work has affected her adversely.

A gentleman was passing through that road.

He saw the girl. As she was crying alone. He sat beside her and asked, “Why are you crying, girl”

The girl heads up and said, “Sir, My hard work failed. I haven’t received its result. I’m struggling a lot. It seems that I’m going through hell.”

The Gentleman now understood her problem. He said calmly, “Dear, you’re going to be successful.” The girl surprised.

The man continued, “Yes, you heard right. You should enjoy your struggle days. Because when you’ll be successful you’re going to laugh on your problems you’re having today. Moreover, your struggle develops your strength for the future. I hope you have understood my point.”

There was shine in girl’s eye. Her view was completely changed. In addition, she started enjoying her days. She tried to seek opportunity from every problem.

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