4 Bad habits that are stopping you from being successful

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4 bad habits stopping you from being successful

Your habits define your future. Your good habits can make your future whereas bad habits can ruin your future.

You have dreams, I have dreams, in fact, everybody on this planet has dreams. Everybody on this planet wants to be successful. However, very few people achieve their targets in life.

So, what are the 4 bad habits that are stopping you from being successful? Let’s explore one by one.

 Bad habits 1: Surrounding yourself with negative people

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Being alone is far better than a peer of negative people is. Negative people discourage others. They don’t work on new ideas. They just know how to criticize others.

If you’ll surround yourself with negative people then how will your progress. You have developed a bad habit. It’s your fault.

I know you have great dreams but you found yourself uncomfortable when trying to share it with your negative friends.

If you’ll continue to remain with them you will never change your life.

Negative people aren’t those who just think negative. The people who didn’t have any growth or future plan, who loves only entertainment and didn’t pay attention to other’s hard work are also negative people.

If you have such people around you then leave their company as soon as possible. In addition, join the peer of positive people who have growth plans.

Positive people will encourage and help you in fulfilling your dreams. You can collaborate with them in order to help with each other’s dreams.

Things get easy when you got some positive and encouraging friends. However, if you aren’t able to find good people then be alone and do your work. The more you’ll work for yourself the more you’ll progress.

Do not search for people. Do your work and the right people will find you.

Bad habits 2: No focus on work

The work is done with focus always pays off. However, this is the most common problem that people lose their focus on their work and run towards entertainment.

Procrastination is the major problem with today’s generations. There are many distractions around us such as Smartphone, internet, video games, television, etc.

“Don’t use technology for entertainment; use it to increase your productivity.”

You can’t do great work with less focus. Thus, it’s important to develop your focus and stop procrastination. Nevertheless, how to stay focused on work?

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How to stay focused?

Follow these simple steps to stay focused

Divide your work into simpler tasks

Everybody loves to complete easy tasks. When you have to finish huge work, it creates pressure on your brain that in turn decreases your productivity.

Eventually, you start procrastination. However, if you’ll divide your tasks into simpler one then it will benefit in two ways:

  1. Reduces your workload
  2. You can easily finish your work

Take motivation from successful people

In your spare time, you should watch inspirational and motivational videos. It’s important to keep you motivated.

Motivation can make people do those tasks in which they aren’t interested. I think this line is enough to reveal the power of motivation.

Lack of motivation is another reason for procrastination. Motivation will keep you fully charged also you can learn and understand yourself better.

It will make you realize your capabilities. Afterward, you can work with full potential.

Reward yourself

On completion of every task, give a reward to yourself. For instance, if you have decided that you’ll study for 2 hours then commit to it and at the end of two hours, you can go and have your favorite treat such as chocolate cake, etc.

Think about the result

More than 1 billion thoughts come to our minds every day. However, most of them usually are negative. Thought processing is an easy task. You don’t need to move your body.

Nevertheless, there’s a chance you have to control your thoughts and divert them to your goal’s result. Thinking about the result of your work will motivate you to work more.

Imagination has huge power that will make you successful. To know the power of imagination read this awesome book -> Power of imagination.

Take rest

It has never advised working for 10 hours continually. Instead, you should take a power nap (short sleep). For example, you can take a 30-minute rest between every 2 hours of work. It will keep you charged and energized.

Follow the above simple steps and stay focused for round the clock. Let’s move toward the third point.

Bad Habits 3: You don’t have any plan

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Having a dream is not enough you must exactly know where you have to go. It’s very important to have plans.

Imagine a ship sailing in the oceans without any direction and destination. Will it ever reach its destination? The answer is “No.”

The ship’s captain will never make its way to the destination because they don’t have any particular direction and destination.

You are the captain of your own life. Everything is in your hand, you already have a ship (you dreams). Don’t let it always be a dream.

Thus, it very important to know exactly where you want to go and write it down in your Journal. You must have the following plans:

  1. Yearly plan (Long term)
  2. Monthly plan (Medium-term)
  3. Daily plan (short term)

You have to develop a habit of writing a journal every day. The most successful people maintain a Journal to keep track of their progress.

It’s as important as food. A journal has the following benefits:

  1. Reduces stress as you don’t need to remember everything
  2. Save time
  3. Increases productivity as you can keep your focus on the work
  4. No confusion
  5. You can track your progress

Therefore, if you didn’t have any plan it’s then get up and write one instantly.

Okay, this is the last but not the least.

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Bad habits 4: Wrong belief system

Why do people easily trust other’s sayings? Most people develop a wrong belief system about others and for themselves as well.

People pretend to think that they can’t become rich or successful. Being successful and popular is a bad thing and much more.

You have to give the right direction to your belief system. You ought to believe in your dreams. You have to make sure that you contribute 100% to it.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Eating junk food such as burgers are not good for health. However, people think that “I’m just eating one. It won’t cause any harm.”

Nevertheless, the next do it again with the same belief and after a year, they found themselves lying on the bed in the hospital.

In the same way, we develop bad habits towards our goal and instead of working we procrastinate and watch television, surf the internet, play games, etc.

 Our work remains unfinished and we never accomplish our goals. This is the reason that only a few people are successful. They have a strong belief system.

They believe in themselves and know that whatever the stuff they’re doing will give advantage to them later in the future.


Bad habits are bad because they ruin a man’s future. Don’t compromise your future with bad habits. Develop some positive and good habits.

Discipline and good habits can make you successful. On the contrary, negative thoughts and bad habits can spoil your future.

It’s a saying “Prevention is better than cure” You can enjoy your life after accomplishing your goals. Smartphones, the internet, and television aren’t going anywhere.

New technologies are emerging every day. You can expect advance Gadgets that will entertain you. However, your time is limited. You’ll never get advance time in the future because no technology can create it.

Therefore, stop chasing entertainment and materialistic things and keep your focus straight towards your goals.

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